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Seven Factors Of Success

Updated on May 27, 2017

Plan Ahead

Things to keep in mind

No doubts

There just is no doubts in no mind when it comes to success. A Human chasing anything should clearly state what he or she would like or wants to happen if not will. A doubtful mind cannot be trusted to make clear decisions. Not making clear decisions shows a character that does not represent leadership.

Get connected to all that is sure, Be supportive of all that is true, Spread everything positive and live, let live. Continue to grow and seek abundance, express creativity, opinions, industrialize etc. Be comfortable with certainty, repetition, confidence and leadership. Having excellent drive, knowledge and age for wisdom. Seek things that are new and express thyself clearly and have all goals of transparent nature. Have upright and powerful form with a continuous open mind for anything to come and go accordingly. Develop an absolute idea of what is to be achieved and be able to convert it when necessary for different people to understand. Know the human effort it takes; well recorded and visualized if not simulated.

Question anything that seems to be of unfamiliar nature: keep at check on winning, play a relative role. Watch the time and know what to be aware of and what not to be aware of. Be observant on anything that may make one hesitate and be on practicing it for full performance. Help others with the things that you have learned along the way and believe in others unique success. Remain grateful and respect all forms of wealth including your own. Be present in nature, be multi opportunistic, have conversation of high value and silences of privacy and life challenging. Have a constant point of view of reality and influence on its design across all that is seen. Wish to be better than those around you and spend time with those better than you.

It is important to know what makes thyself vulnerable for any weakness effects ones strengths. It is important to know the situations one feels strong and confident in order to continue to be model for generations to come.

Have a plan in mind

Always have a plan in thy mind because if one does not have any logic to be understood then he or she will be able to be trusted. Being understood also helps to trouble shoot any problems may occur on ones way to success, wealth and happiness of course! Having a plan in mind means also expressing it as clear and in as many ways as possible. Have the plan very personalized that nobody else can do it but yourself, Allow others to influence the plan as long as they evolve it with new tactics and straggles.

Know where things along the way will lead you and always wonder a better and easier ways. If possible take clear notes and see where things had worked well and where things don't work as well. In addition, have a big plan and small plan. Something for the long term and something for the short term. Keep in mind that failure is not an option and getting things done faster and faster is not an option. Know where one will be as soon as all the before steps are taken to achieve what one wishes to achieve. Having a plan is so very important because without it one may forget with some of the distractions life throws. It is best to be prepared every step of the way, look conquer every oncoming second and day.

If possible share the plan and preserve it so that even ones children and grandchildren can learn from it. Be apple to apply it to different cultures and areas of the world. See where it can be applied grown and flourished . Have plans that they may want to take on in their own right and see how they may handle the situation: when the time comes. Seek to find things along the way and enjoy the journey and look forward to the literal location the plan has to offer. Do not sell oneself short: call it the great plan of success, call it the greatest plan for the modern man, or call it X marks success. Whatever it is, must be believed in; must be possible, honorable, desired, and never given up.

Always Be Responsible for Time

Time is a continuos thing and matter does not wait for it nor does time wait for matter. The matter is that responsibilities come with even our age as we learn, grown and achieve providing examples for all that follow. Time is a major factor to life and success because it is a universal thing that everyone has to deal with. Time must be used and people are interested in how successful people use their time. It can symbolize history, evolution, memories, business etc. One has to make time unique to oneself, One has to know when to do something and when no to do something. Know that being an earthling does not last forever and that no matter who you are your time is remembered in some shape or form no matter what.

Know how others have spend their time, how they have calculated it and what they have achieved in it. See how those around you use their time. Look at time from a global even galactic scale for time itself may just last forever.

Rely On No One

Do not rely on anyone for anything especially necessities. Not everybody is your school teacher, parent, friend, or mentor. Make sure that thyself is covered and prepared for any situations and not to put oneself in any situation that oneself cannot get themselves out of. Make sure that you in fact encourage others and empower them to the fullest of your capabilities in order to better themselves. Change their perspective if they are reliant on some else or seek unique independence in those whom show it. Always have a plan B and extraordinary plan A so that plan B will never get used.

To rely on no one is to be on ones on completely. This is very hard to do in society these days for people are stuck at jobs, computers, homes, schools, situations that can bring someone to a demographic by nature that messes with peoples emotions on an individual level. To be fully balanced in ones own goals, past achievements, and influence.

Know Ones Own Worth

There is no fooling oneself: Be clear on the type of individual you have to be and not to confuse it for who you are. Constantly question your self and test confidence by asking those around you if they think that you would look good this, or see yourself doing it. Know the weight, time, network, responsibility it takes to achieve and what one is willing to do and uniquely contribute along the way. Have a ready mind and believe that others can achieve the very same value because of pure nature and science.

Personalize Success

Personalize success so that it fits for your and that you'll be remembered for your unique style. Know that you have your and they have theres and thats is that. Know what keeping things on a personal level changes the markets and makes things better for others whom dare tread the same path. Inspire others to adapt into their own unique lifestyles and to have recognizable successfulness by their own unique natures. Look to live in areas where personal success is well known achieved and believed in fully.

Know what you want


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