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Seven Ways to Fight Loneliness Like a Pro

Updated on July 28, 2017

Nobody likes to be alone. We humans are social animals and that is why we like to interact with each others. The biggest example of that is the growing social networking website like Facebook. Then why do we still feel alone at times? Well, no specific answer to that. We are made like this.

Our joy doubles when we are accompanied by our friends, family, spouse or any human being. But, sadly there are times when all of us feel lonely and helpless. That’s a part and parcel of this life. Does that mean there are no ways to fight this problem? No! there are. But, it comes with everyday practices.

You need to follow the following ways on daily basis in order to fight loneliness like a pro.

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Read a nice book

It is said that “books are your best friends” and indeed its true also. If you want to quickly kill your loneliness then this is a very good way to fight it. There are always reading materials laying around us but we hardly pick up any to read it. Even if we do, we read some unnecessary stuff which has not much impact on us.

So its very important that you pick up a nice inspiring book like an autobiography or some good book on quotes. When you read such good stuff, you get involved in a story and as a result, you get inspired by the true story. By reading real life examples of other’s life, you get inspired to do good in your life. This in turn helps you to forget your loneliness too.

Engage yourself in activities you like

Reading a book may not be everyone’s hobby. However, there are other activities in which you can engage yourself. The activities can be any such as sports, painting, singing, dancing etc. It keeps you busy and most importantly it keeps you going. An hour or two in a day for such activities helps you forget all negative thoughts which may otherwise trap you because of loneliness.

Get into a relationship

This is another way to beat your loneliness. Lets be very honest. We know that sometimes it is very difficult to fight problems all alone. Having a best friend in the form of spouse can solve all your problems. And, you will not feel that you have to cater all your problems alone.

While it may not be possible for everyone to be in relationship, a best friend can also help you to forget loneliness.

Get more social

Do not just merely sit and watch what is happening with you. There are lots of people in this world. Go out and meet new people. You will learn from others. Also, talking to others will help you to forget your loneliness.

Sharing your problems with people who listen to you can help you to lessen your burden. You should also help people who help you. The best way could be meeting like-minded people because you will have similar interests.

Think less and work more

Our mind keeps on thinking twenty four by seven. So to keep yourself away from feeling lonely, you should engage yourself in any kind of work. If you don’t engage then your loneliness can develop negative thinking.

Keep yourself busy in your day to day work. Avoid over-thinking on only one negative event that has happened to you. Loneliness will make you worry unnecessarily. So don't let that happen and keep your mind active.

Do yoga and meditation

Any kind of exercise will be good to make you feel less alone. Exercise will improve blood flow throughout your body. It keeps you fresh and active throughout a day.

Either yoga or exercise will rejuvenate you and it will bring back the lost confidence due to loneliness. Listening to any kind of soulful music can also help. Meditate and keep yourself away from any kind of mess.

Don’t stop and keep going

Loneliness can bring all the possible negative thoughts. It can break you and you may lose your path without you being aware about it. So don’t let anything stop you and keep chasing your goals. Even if you are not successful now, you will be soon because you are not stopping.

Once you will be successful, people will come to you. They will appreciate your efforts. And, you will never feel alone then.

You can practice all of the seven points above on daily basis. Your loneliness will be gone in no time. Being alone for a long period of time is not good. There are many hazards of it which you may experience over the time. So don’t just wait for good things to happen to you. Get up and take all these actions like a pro.


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