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How can teenage girls lose weight safely

Updated on August 29, 2016

The challenge of losing weight

losing weight is a challenge , and it is more of a challenge to teenage girls.To add the burden of dieting , calorie counting and working out to their already hectic life can be overwhelming.

teenage girls overweight problem
teenage girls overweight problem

Lose the weight slowly

you are probably wondering why should you follow the slow ways to lose weight when every body else is asking "how can I lose weight quickly ?"

The truth is every body who has tried to lose weight knows that fast weight loss is not always the best decision , in fact most of the failures and frustrations related to weight loss are the result of fast weight loss and quick fixes.

This is more important for teenagers trying to lose weight , because as a growing girl your body has a lot of stresses to handle , so it would not be wise to add the burden of fast weight loss

So let’s take it the slow and sure way.

plan first
plan first


As a teenage girl trying to lose weight you don't need to go into planning frenzy, the simpler the plan the better the likelihood that you will stick to it.

There are two important points to take in consideration:

• plan to win; that is put a goal that is a little bit challenging but is still achievable, the more wins you

collect on your way to the body you desire , the more you can stick to the plan.

Plan to lose around 1-2 pounds per week , the lower figure is even better.As a teenager your body is growing , so if you subtract the weight loss from the natural weight gain you should end up with moderate weight loss.

• Plan both your meals and workouts . don’t leave it to chance and second guessing it is always easier to commit to a predetermined course of action.

Track your progress

This is crucial; what gets measured gets done,so keep a journal to track your progress and you will soon reach your ideal body weight.

smartphone diet app
smartphone diet app

Track your calories

Tracking your calorie intake will have a great impact on your weight loss. As a teenage girl you most probably eat out so frequently , so if you don't consider what you eat it is easy to take in more than what your growing body needs. There are so many cool applicatioins for your PC or smart phone . I would recommend having a smartphone application to monitor your food intake.After all your phone is probably your best friend .

every body is different
every body is different

Don’t compare your body to others

I know teenage girls are in a continuous state of comparison to other girls and -what's worse to -Hollywood idols , so I will have to rephrase this , compare but only to yourself . First every body responds to exercise and diet a little

differently , so your performance will most probably be different from others ,second if you keep

comparing to others you are setting yourself up for frustration..

be careful with exercise intensity
be careful with exercise intensity

Treat exercise as a medicine

Take too little and you will get no effect, take too much and you could poison yourself.

If you tilt towards the low side you will not burn as much calories to cause significant weight loss .

A 150 calorie can of soda that you gulp in 2 minutes will need 20 minutes to burn it off on the treadmill .

On the other hand , as a teenager if you overstress your body it you can hinder your fat loss . Your body tries to resist drastic changes so the more you stress it , the harder it holds to its fat stores .it can even go as far as burning your muscles for energy while keeping the fat.

lift some weights
lift some weights

Lift some Weights

Resistance training is essential for teenage girls trying to lose weight . Muscles are your metabolic furnace. the larger the muscle mass the better your burning power

A moderate weight training program will take you a long way towards a sexy curvy body.

4.Spice it

Your body is so smart . It was made to adapt to both effort and calories . its goal is to make do with

whatever you give it . so you should put a plan to periodize ( a fancy word for variation ) your exercises for burning fat.

and your diet.

say no to fast foods
say no to fast foods

Cut back on fast food please

For many teenage girls trying to lose weight ,this may be the toughest request. But there is no denying ,fast food is a fast way to weight gain.

Too much fat ,too much carbs and sugars with too little nutrition.

Add to that the array of killer combos and upsizes and you can kiss your weight loss efforts goodbye.

don't starve yourself
don't starve yourself

Don't starve yourself

Many teenage girls starve themselves when they start dieting . This is counterproductive, as it triggers your body's defenses , resulting in more fat storage. A better approach to losing teenage weight is to take it in moderation and cut back on total calories ,carbs and fats . A 400-500 calorie deficit is ideal.


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    • nasser deep profile image

      nasser deep 4 years ago

      So true.But if you want to put on weight , please wait for my coming hub, where I will specifically discuss the topic.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Great hubs, these tips also work for those who are trying to gain weight such as myself. Truth is that your body takes time to develop and you really don't want to put your body though a drastic change.