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Severe Bruxism Treatment Plan

Updated on February 11, 2010

Treatment For Severe Bruxism

 Bruxism is a condition that causes a person to involuntarily grind their teeth in their sleep.  Although it can develop in children it is much more common among adults.  Some people do not have that serious of symptoms and may not have to worry too much about it but for others, those with severe bruxism, it can cause problems that are too serious to avoid.  People with serious bruxism can end up with chipped or missing teeth.

 They can also end up with an infection of the gums or other problems.  In terms of treatment the first thing a person should try is to figure out where most of the stress in their life is coming from.  If they are able to figure this out then they can get to work on reducing their stress and anxiety levels as best they can.  Because these are known as being the main causes of the condition, obviously then by dealing with these problems you will be able to deal with the condition effectively.

 These will help to wash away stress and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.   Taking a few days off work to just relax may even be enough if you are working constantly and this is what is stressing you out.  If you are worried of dental damage then you will want to wear a mouth guard at night.  This will help keep your teeth covered and protect them from getting chipped or broken.

 If you experience soreness in the jaw in the morning it will be a relief to use ice or wet heat to the affected area.  Drinking lots of water and following a nutritious diet will also help if you have bruxism.  Even just taking a day or two off work to catch up on sleep can be enough to treat a bruxism condition.  Massages work well and especially if you can do it yourself or get a friend to help out right before going to bed at night, you stand a much better chance of making it through the night without grinding your teeth.

 Getting a massage right before going to bed at night can be extremely helpful as this loosens and limbers the muscles and prevents you from grinding your teeth at night.  Some people with bruxism even join support groups where they can meet other people who are going through the same thing.  Even the seemingly simplest things you do can be a huge help.  The most important thing is that every person with bruxism works with their doctor and use different treatments to deal with their problem.


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