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Sex, It's Ok To Talk About It

Updated on February 11, 2016

Let's Talk About Sex

We often talk about getting healthy, however, one subject we tend to avoid is sexual health. Why is sex so taboo to talk about?

I grew up in a very conservative family and talking about anything sexual or even mentioning your body parts by their actual name did not happen. It took me years just to say the word Vagina without looking around to see who was shunning me... seriously.
Your vagina was referred to as a mossy (I have no idea. It was apparently something my great-grandmother decided to call it), and a penis was referred to as a wee-wee or ding-dong.
I know, I know. I laugh when I think back at how foolish it sounded. Even when my son first started talking about his penis, we didn't call it that. His cousin had called his a tocky. (No idea on that one either.) However, recently I decided enough was enough.
I have a Vagina. You hear that people... a VAGINA! Ah, so exhilarating to just get that out there. lol.
I told myself that I would no longer call anyone's body parts by the silly pet names people so often use. I told my son (who is 5) that his tocky was actually called a penis. He laughed and said "A PENIS" with a really hard emphasis on the 'p'. It was hilarious to watch him grasp at the fact that his beloved tocky was called a penis. However, he eventually shrugged his shoulders and went on about his life.
It was so simple for him, so why can't it be that simple for adults? Why can't we just call body parts what they are?
Aside from calling the human anatomy what it actually is, talking about sex is something that will make people around me blush and hurry away... well, most people anyway. I tried to think of ways that I could change that. However, when I tried to bring up sex or anything sexy, everyone seemed to wander away from me.
Then, everything changed when I went to a Pure Romance party. It was so much fun! I knew then that this was it. This was how I could talk about sex and people would listen... parties specifically designed to talk about sex!

Seriously though, some people have problems getting aroused, and that's ok... and perfectly normal. What isn't normal is for those people to feel like they are doing something wrong or that there is something wrong with them. There can be any number of things going on in the body to make you not want to get it on: hormones, diet, stress, medications, a woman's regular cycle just to name a few.
I went through this when I was taking prescription meds. First it was the birth control. My gynocologist told me that a woman is only 'in the mood' prior to her period, that women are programmed to only need sex for procreating.
That is complete and utter crap. Sure, I've noticed that I want it more right before my period, but that doesn't mean I don't or shouldn't want it at other times throughout the month.

I'm hoping I can help other women, men too, to realize that sex is a good thing. I want to help couples reconnect. I want them to feel comfortable playing with toys and experimenting. I want women to feel just as comfortable as most men do talking about masturbating. There is nothing wrong with it. It's actually good for you!
There are so many options out there. You can browse your local sex store, even Amazon has plenty of options. Either way, don't be afraid to explore yourself and have fun with it!


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