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Sex during Pregnancy ,Is it Safe?

Updated on April 26, 2010

Its a common question which comes to most couple's mind during female pregnancy.And the answer is in favour which most of you guess but are not sure. Or simply "Yes". Sex during pregnancy is practical.Its doesn't poke into baby head, neither harms him nor something like that.

Although sex during pregnancy remains practical if you are not throwing or having hormonal swings and are not feeling tired,having an urge to sleep more at nights.In fact having sex in the first trimester leaves positive effects by providing a healthy way to intimate and stay close and even share the feelings of soon to be parents.

Some women do experience "sexual overdrive" due to hormonal imbalance and fear about second and third trimester. Many experience it for the first time so don't know what to do?, Many even don't recognise that they are facing it.The fear some times overlap the feeling of "life being over", no parties, no more shopping in malls, no more physical fun but a "home alone" tapped situation. ...... Sex during pregnancy is completely safe unless until told to you by a doctor that you should avoid it due to complication, health problem or any such things.


Sex in Second trimester

The second semester is a pretty good time to have sex. During this time:

  • Your hormones are balanced
  • Your tips to doctor lessen
  • Your problems with work are controlled
  • You have got into the habit of managing it
  • You are more aware about your comfortable positions
  • Interest of you partner deepens due to body changes.
  • And you are having a pretty good time.........

With your apitite getting up and buildling confidence you are quite feeling it sure that your positions and actions are not going to affect your cutie pie. And are enjoying more

Thought of having sex with a child in belly turns some women off, with a shy feeling.While other who can get pasted knowing that your child is not going to remember you and your partner getting it on ,have a amazing feeling........

plus there are some changes occurring in your under region which man enjoys.Thanks to kegel's exercise, its develops your sexual power with helping you in pregnancy.They become extremely attracted to their partners changing body because even for men; women being able to give life is an amazing thing.

The last three Months

Now situation is getting into place where we can say "having sex remains not that good". Now even it is not going to harm your child or poke his head but in the seventh month and ahead women's belly becomes quite big and it makes it odd.

But if you and your partner are quite creative and are able to find new positions then it remains amazing.

And even,it doesn't remains the most appealing time appearance wise.In brief, in the 8th month you probably haven't shaved your legs or kept your area trimmed and proper. Fatigue rears its head again and so do the worries about next months arrival. Your develop a problem of lack of sleep and rest so doing it seems like a hassle though he might be thinking of it as a great challenge... how to mount her!

Having sex in the last times fetches it grace and it no more remains practical. But as i said if you both are creative then it is doable.

Some couples intentionally triiger sex session during this time to make birth canal smooth, to avoid problems during birth. For more release of oxytocin for stronger contractions and relaxations of muscle. Which even add it to benefit of orgasmic climaxing, bonding with your partner and bonding with your new born baby.

Again perfectly safe unless otherwise told to you by your doctor. Always check with your doctor first. Other than that, if you can find a way then do it!!!


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