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The Role of Sexuality in Our Health

Updated on October 18, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life

Ancients Too Smart for Taboos

Sigmund Freud, the famous Austrian shrink, instantly caused some major shocks of disapprovals within the puritan academia when he dared to come up with theories about a big role of sexuality in the subconscious dynamics of human psyche.

Then, Wilhelm Reich, his colleague for a while, went a huge step further with a claim that sexual energy was not less than a fundamental form of vitality, our elan vital, or simply put---our will to live.

Eventually that earned him the name of father of sexual revolution, as by that time the theme stopped being so much of a cultural taboo---unlike the case with Freud---not feeling anymore like an opened Pandora box of human nature.

Now, for some of you who might have given the theme a little studious curiosity, those two learned gentlemen didn't exactly "discover the wheel". Namely, many ancient texts, drawings, and even statues on facades of some temples would make many a puritan introvert blush.

Interestingly enough, none of that had the purpose of a shallow advertising the physical aspect of sexuality, but rather to symbolize the root energy of spirituality. Without going into the very fabric of those teachings, suffice it to say that even those wise ancients got greatly impressed by the strongest pleasurable emotion that humans were capable of producing.

They saw it as the physical manifestation of a fundamental energy of life, the same what Wilhelm Reich millennia later coined as orgone. Those ancients gave it other names: Chinese monks called it chi, in Japan it was ki, in India prana, and yogis talked about Kundalini stored in the base chakra at our tail-bone.

Life Needs a Spirit for Fuel
Life Needs a Spirit for Fuel

Unhealthy When Repressed

Of course, we don't have to ascribe this reluctance to find any higher significance in sexuality exclusively to the puritan academic elite of the century ago. Namely, many of us "modern" folks may see as a sheer degrading this alleged connection between spirituality and something as raw as our sexual drive.

Especially those folks of a rather closed mind raised in some strict religious environments may categorically oppose to it.

Long before Napoleon Hill contended that all highly successful individuals were also highly sexually conscious, it was a recognized fact---although you may call it pure coincidence, if you wish.

Also, psycho-pathology textbooks are full of cases where repressed sexuality resulted with depression, isolation, victim-syndrome, tendency towards constant complaints, and at times with perverted outlets like sadism or pathological hate for members of opposite sex.

On the bright side, we find sexuality being the propelling force of happiness, love, playfulness, humor, artistic expression, music and rhythm, dancing, fashion, and general sense of esthetics. Let's not be fooled by an absence of actual sexual arousal in all these aspects---the energy of it is still at the bottom of it all, recognized or not.

From the standpoint of energy medicine, every condition or disease is merely a symptom of an underlying energetic blockage or disharmony within the co-dependent triangle of nervous, endocrine, and immune system.

When for one reason or another we lose interest in sexuality, that most profound of all energies backfires at us for not allowing it to take its active role in our emotional repertoire. So we get sick, unhappy, and socially dysfunctional one way or another.

Eroticism Can Be Expressed in So Many Ways
Eroticism Can Be Expressed in So Many Ways

Moderation Always

Based upon findings of the so called progressive medicine, our body is just another aspect of our psyche. And even quantum physics sees our body as an incredibly orchestrated bundle of energy, while thoughts---and especially emotions are affecting that bundle in ways that we would never suspect.

Now, with sexual energy being so powerful in us, just imagine what we are doing to that symphony of life by neglecting or suppressing its natural outlets.

You may find it of a special significance that some high-ranking scientists are contending that aging is not a biological inevitability but a sickness, often explaining it with the ravages of an accumulated stress--- sickness caused by layer upon layer of stress piling up in our energy-body and with their low frequencies suffocating our sexual energy.

For a little illustration imagine someone playing a gentle piano piece in an outdoor setting, and from afar is approaching this jumbo-jet interfering more and more with the performance---until there is just noise to be heard.

As we are aging, our sexual hormones---allegedly telling all endocrine system how to work---starts drastically decreasing. Menopause and andropause (man's equivalent to menopause) might as well be called "sexual crisis" instead of middle age crisis.

Now, we know that expression of any appetite may vary from its mildest intensity to its abnormal extreme. Having a glass of wine after dinner doesn't make us alcoholics. And enjoying fine foods doesn't mean gluttony when done in moderation.

Likewise, keeping a refined and spirited erotic flame alive doesn't mean going crazy with pornos, sexual harassing, perversion, or becoming a full-blown sexual maniac. Thus, for those of you folks who may be prone to seeing everything in white-and-black extremes, this topic in its entirety is not suggesting anything irrational or morally unacceptable. Try to remember---without sexual energy at work, you wouldn't be. Ask your parents if you don't believe.

A Hungry Heart May Take Anything for Food
A Hungry Heart May Take Anything for Food

Politics Instead of Sex

Such may be the case of many of those whose strict religious fundamentalism is bound to paint in sinful colors anything having to do with sex. They may only tolerate the word sex when it is a synonym to gender.

Those folks of the aging group are reducing their sexuality to covering that big belly with some attractive clothes, by slapping a coat of cosmetics on their faces, and wearing some more noticeable jewelry. To them it somehow symbolizes their once flaming sexuality.

And yet, a reduced interest may have nothing to do with either age or religiousness. Namely many young couples emotionally drift away from each other after that initial indulgence resulting with over-saturated pleasure senses, and then everything becomes more of a routine than a real thing.

It may turn into a frustrated sexual energy, with little flirts at the job site which are supposed to keep the furnace hot. Or one appetite grows into another, like gambling, alcohol, drugs, and that most prevalent---emotional eating.

That might be a beginning of them suddenly visiting doctor more often than before with minor or bigger complaints. They may notice a general dissatisfaction in life, engaging in more frequent bitching against bosses, traffic, those things that they hardly used to pay any attention to. Their swearing vocabulary somewhat got enriched, with the "f-word" dominating, as if to give a verbal expression to something else that couldn't find its natural outlet.

So the time comes for many of them to get sucked into excessive politicizing, venting out their frustrated sexual passion with this new passion of hating. The more their nature misses that romantic-coated sexuality, the more they notice injustices and other anomalies in the public life.

Before they realize it, they have turned into "political martyrs", having sacrificed their peace of mind for those "higher causes" where no one really cares about their opinion. Totally blinded by the passionate momentum of that involvement they somehow thrive on, while that flow of information is feeding an invisible emotional vacuum in the depth of their nature.

How Open Is Your Energy Valve?
How Open Is Your Energy Valve?

No Manual Needed

Nobody really needs to be handed an instructional manual about how to implement a healthy dose of eroticism into their intimate reality. We all know ourselves best, and this is one of the themes which go so deep into everyone's unique world that it's impossible to generalize.

And so, this article didn't have a purpose to provide a bunch of such guidelines, but rather to point at often overlooked significance of sexuality in our overall model of psycho-physical functioning.

Also, I wanted to point at the unsuspected negative channeling of that frustrated sexual energy resulting with sickness, premature aging, unhappiness, arrogance, hate, and intolerance.

There is a growing body of evidence that we are energy beings, and as such we just can't go wrong by examining how open or how closed is our own energy valve. Venting out in any of its forms doesn't mean an open valve, doesn't mean to be fully alive, no matter how loud we make ourselves.

Unless our hearts can generate that warm feeling so familiar from young age, we are deceiving ourselves with all those themes of spirituality, all those stories about our patriotism, and even stories about our gods.

Mincing dignified words in our mouth without a soul hot with vitality is like expecting a Rolls-Royce to perform on a bad gasoline. Well, something to think about anyway.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      6 months ago from Canada

      Alan---Life can be anything but favorable in unwritten intimate stories of so many, and you mentioned some of those factors in early life which definitely don't lead to a fruitful romantic relationships.

      However, you mentioned your good sense of humor, so let us build something on it. Namely, just think of all those long relationships which should have never "befallen" some couples. Think of all those marital soap operas, and the world statistics which would probably proclaim happy relationships as a rarity.

      Maybe you are not missing much after all. We all tend to idealize in its perfect form whatever we don't have. And we dream about something better even after being loved, and rich, and healthy, and good looking.

      It is not really in the human nature to ever be satisfied. So, even if you never found your partner---you also missed all those arguments, misunderstandings, those blames, those...hey, when you think of it, man, maybe you are better off this way.

      Forgive my humor, my friend, but that's still the best way to offer a friendly hand of support when things look somewhat gloomy.

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      6 months ago from Tasmania

      Vald, having only just now having come across this article of yours, it touches me quite deeply.

      At almost 77, never having had the pleasure of a companion or partner, I do feel the intensity of a vacuum.

      The reasons (or maybe excuses) for this are numerous: lack of friendships from very early in my childhood; lack of knowledge about what other children were playing at, or with; fear of female teachers (in hindsight, some of those felt the vacuum of repression too); lack of conversation with parents who were "good," dutiful and loving, yet were of an era when every part of the body which might even suggest something lewd was carefully concealed; - all this background, together with strong connections in christian thought patterns (I could use a much more basic but banned description), leaves me tearful of an emotionally un-intimate recluse.

      Fortunately I still have my good physical health, my active intellect, often conversation-stopping humour - and a desire to grab a little of that intimacy with a favorable guy, if and when he comes around.

      Thank you for a wonderful hub. I am hoping your latest one about "....Why Advertize" will eventually respond to my searches.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      11 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---To my modest understanding everything in the universe is energy impregnated with information and vibrating at different frequencies---some of them giving an illusion of solid world, including ourselves.

      If we talked to a Taoist practicing Tantra, he might tell us about an enormous enlightening potential in maintaining peak experiencing with orgasmic-like joy. He might tell us how the whole body from its cellular level up thrives on the intense emotional positivism with its high frequencies---ascribing its effects to the sexual character of the energy involved.

      Personally I am buying that explanation, and during my qigong exercises I actually willfully produce something like "orgasmic spirituality"---feeling divinely blissful as I am moving chi through all 7 chakras.

      So, I can only talk about this energy from empirical platform, not really feeling called upon to theorize about many different definitions and labels of this basic energy. Like I mentioned in a few places, I am a pragmatic dude, and I live what I may "preach".

      At my best as a theorizer I could suppose that the basic energy gets channeled into many of its aspects, and the most suggestive one should be the one that feels the best---which is the sexual one. The deep peace in my meditations is not an emotional vacuum, but an unutterable joy---so I can't think of any better name for that most beneficial aspect of energy---but sexual.

      But then, of course, I could be wrong, and I am sure your studies resulted with somewhat different results. My problem will forever be that I can't communicate mine, because it's not about verbalizing but about experiencing.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      11 months ago from Beautiful South

      Val, please reread my answer. I said "physical sexual energy" because physical lower chakra energy affects a different part of the body from Kundalini. These people can call it what they want because some of them believe that all energy affecting human beings is sexual. Maybe it is. I'm just trying to differentiate between raw lower chakra energy that drives humans to procreate which some people equate with Kundalini energy. But what do I know? I've only been at Tibetian studies since the 1970s and I don't have a Phd. in man's psychology. If the Ascended Masters say it's sexual energy, I'll accept that. If Freud or one of the other psychologists says it's sexual energy, I'll tell them to go experience it before they make up their minds. Somehow I don't think begetting a child is going to open one's crown chakra.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      11 months ago

      Vladimir Karas Hi again.

      One ''small" problem triggers an avalanche caliber problems, some see and acknowledge, some overlook or do not see it. At presently history tendency , the prudent and wise are those who flow with it. The rest are - apparently downtrodden..

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      11 months ago from Canada

      Michael---While I keep an open mind about possible future scientific discoveries about a true cause of all sexual deviations from "being straight" and staying with our given gender---as long as they don't hurt anyone, I don't care.

      We can't be free unless we respect freedom of the others, and I won't play normative to tell others what to believe, or what to accept as normal. I may share my own views and beliefs, which may appear to be imposing to others with their different nature, but it's merely sharing, never lecturing.

      There is no book of morality or a belief system that overrides my intuitive sense of what is good and bad.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      11 months ago

      Sexuality and/or morality as spiritual gifts or talents are gifts disposed to live by, to live by and succeed. A person doesn't have to be "religious" to know from inside within the natural environment that a man is a crown of the creation. (Unless evolutionary necessitating portion of a man constantly in process). Then instead following healthy intuitiveness, one falls prey of " whatever choses to believe". ( Welcome to modern age of "transgenderism".)

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      11 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers---I must have read all those wrong books, and every Google website is lying about the true character of Kundalini---while they all say it is sexual energy.

      Of course it doesn't feel anything like it, if you compare it to the emotions of arousal. And yes, a careless person insufficiently prepared for its blast may get seriously hurt.

      However, it's called sexual energy regardless of its different outlets, and while with some it may bring an abrupt inner transformation, with another it may help us "see heavens".

      Like someone said about electricity: "You can cook a meal with it, or you can get cooked".

      As for "successful types", Napoleon Hill could have been wrong in his thorough studies, but I prefer to believe him. Now, not that every sexual maniac is destined to become a billionaire, but most of the rich folks are quite sexually conscious.

      Many famous writers were night birds. Honore de Balsac allegedly thrived on his nightly inspirations, drinking a lot of coffee and staying up all night.

      If you didn't get famous for being a night person---you still must have got your high moments mostly at night, and that made staying up worth it.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      11 months ago from Beautiful South

      Good article, Val. I especially agree with the idea, whether yours or not, that all this prudishness begets physical illness and premature aging. One conclusion I came to years ago, probably has nothing to do with sexuality, is that successful people are mainly day people. That night people like me who are slugs during the day miss out because it's true "the early bird gets the worm." But who the heck likes worms anyway?

      If a person has never had Kundalini awakened, they might mistake the concept for sexual energy, but I can tell you that it is far from physical sexual energy. It is the most frightening energy I've ever experienced, and I've had other people tell me that it has knocked them across the room when they were in public places. That to me would be embarrassing as well as frightening.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      11 months ago from Canada

      Alan---That's all right, you don't have to "upstage" anybody---just write an article on the same topic and you may enlighten those who need it, instead of those already enlightened ones to whose article you only left a comment. LOL.

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      11 months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Only because 1) I didn't want to 'upstage' you and 2) what I've missed out is very personal. I might enlighten you at a later date.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      11 months ago from Canada

      Alan---Thank you for your kind introductory words, and also thank you for interesting and smart assessment of this aspect of the so called "human condition" also dealt with in the above article.

      Everything you said was so true, and the only thing that appeared "wrong" was your stopping--- because I felt you had so many other things to say from your own observations.

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 

      11 months ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Val when you're right you're right. You've probably got the front seat in the theatre of human frailties on this web site with your qualifications.

      People compromise too much with their inner peace. We get tetchy, over-sensitive to criticism, start comfort eating, stay at home and set on fat watching TV instead of going out into the big wide world.

      We have 'image' problems about our bodies when all that's needed is to go out and show we're no different to anyone else on the beach or the promenade. When we leave our thirties or forties behind we start to think too much about how we look, get miserable looking at young folk with bulging muscles or svelte waists. And then we have kids who lead themselves to believe they're overweight and start to starve themselves. Bulimia comes about with image problems... and it's all to do with their lack of sexual experience.

      Girls and boys of eighteen are frightened to admit they're virgins and either throw themselves at the first member of the opposite sex who pretends to show interest in them. The possibility of their friends' boasts being total fibs never enters their heads... And that's not limited to kids. Thirty- and forty-somethings even have problems sorting fact from fiction and suffer stress... It gets worse for them. Men have a problem with ED, women fight shy of communicating and stay in with Mum and Dad.

      It's surprising there are enough around who are able to mix without hangups and carry on the human race.

      Maybe the problem's all in our heads.


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