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Sexy Beard Styles to Live By 2014

Updated on September 3, 2014

Since the beginning of time, guys have been trying to win the attention of women. At first all it took was a manly scent and a caveman club. But now guys will do almost anything to turn heads and get noticed. Think manly body spray and cologne, pick-up lines, creative ways to make your online dating profile stand out, and you can't forget the power of a muscular physique.

But before you plan to devote your life to these strategies, there's one other thing that should be at the top of your list to make women notice you. And it starts with looking in the mirror.

If your trim your beard and facial hair the right way, women will notice. A well-trimmed beard is your ticket to a first date and the kind of sex appeal that can make your next hook-up interesting. But there are a few rules you must follow to trim a beard with that kind of power.

In a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers wanted to find out how women perceived different levels of facial hair. They organized a group of female participants and showed them images of men with facial hair ?from clean shaven and a little stubble, to a full-grown caveman beard. And they found that men with a well-trimmed beard about 10 days old was the most attractive. And an unkempt 5-day growth of facial hair ranked last. Growing a beard can help you get noticed, but you've got to follow the rules.

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What Women Think

Before you think you've got a beard design that's better than the most attractive style confirmed by scientific research, think again. Remember, a well-trimmed short-stubble beard about 10 days old is the most attractive. Step outside those guidelines, and here's what women will be thinking about you and your beard:

The ZZ Top Style

You know the old musician dudes with long gray beards hanging all the way down to their belly button. When women see this, all they think of is you sitting in a rocking chair waiting for Father Time to tell you when your number's up. And if it's clear that you aren't claiming your senior citizen discount yet, women still think full beards like this mean you're trying to hide something, or you're just too lazy to whip out your best beard trimmer in the morning and to keep things clean, smooth, and baby-soft.

Color Me Bad

If the mop on top of your head doesn't match your beard color, women notice. And not in a good way. It's just too distracting and too much of a contrast. Dye your hair or beard color to match, or go clean shaven.

No Medieval Masterpieces

Just because there are a million ways you can grow and style your beard doesn't mean you should. Handlebar mustaches, waxed tips, bizarre shavings, are only meant to be displayed at the circus side show. Never let your beard turn into an art exhibit. Keep your best beard trimmers handy to maintain that short 10-day growth.

No More Fluff

A few facial hairs are an impressive display of your manhood, but it's not going to win you any dates. If your beard is made up of just a few strays, you're not doing yourself any favors. If you're in this situation, clean shaven is your best bet.

Beard Rules to Live By

If you can grow a legitimate beard, it's one more way you can get noticed. But you've got to keep your beard clean and well-trimmed in order for it to work for you. Based on current research and fashion trends, your best bet for facial hair that gets noticed is a goatee. Pick up your best electric shavers and follow these rules to get noticed.


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