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Shake Weight As Seen On TV

Updated on June 29, 2010

Shake Weight - As Seen On TV

Ok, if I didn't think I had seen it all, the Shake Weight took as seen on tv infomercial workout products to the next level.  The Shake Weight looks sort of like a dumbell or free weight and is made for you to shake it up and down repeatedly.  I saw the Shake Weight for the first time on the Ellen show when Ellen DeGeneres decided to have her own spoof on a couple of funny as seen on tv workout products.  Ellen was using and reviewing the 3 Minute Legs Machine and if that wasn't enough she decided to add in another product called the shake weight. 

Ellen started by sort of poking fun at the 3 minute legs machine and then to make it even funnier she grabbed the shake weight in two hands and made a somewhat obscene gesture out of combining the two as seen on tv excersize products together.  The thing is though that Ellen actually looked like she was getting a workout.  She looked like she started to break a sweat and if you are breaking a sweat after just a short little bit, my opinion is that something is working. You can view the video here

The thing with the shake weight is that if you have ever picked up a weight or even a light dumbbell and have had to have held it up for a while, you know how fast and how much your muscles will ache.  Just holding a dumbbell out really lets you feel the workout.  Now imagine holding that dumbbell out in front of you or to the side and shaking it up and down or back and forth over and over again.  You can already get my point as to how this seems like it would not only be a painful workout, but in theory a seriously great workout as well. 

The Shake Weight was a funny product to see on Ellen and even a funnier one to think about using or buying.  The thing is that I have taken a couple of boot camp classes at the gym and when they make you hold dumbbells out to the side and in front of you you know how well it works you out.  Now taking them and shaking them would be absolutely scary but in my opinion extremely effective.  The Shake Weight for me seems like a no brainer, but then again I am a wuss and will stick with my regular personal trainer since he will actually force me to use the equipment.  Maybe I'll buy a shake weight and bring it in and then he'll let me use that instead, he'd at least get a good laugh at it since he already has to hear about all of my infomercial stories and how I end up saying I'll never buy another infomercial as seen on tv product but give in and buy them all anyways.  I've avoided the shake weight until now but may have to buy it just so I can bring it in to him for when he makes me use dumbbells. 


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    • TVTopTen profile image

      TVTopTen 7 years ago

      The shake weight commercials are pretty funny. I actually created a hub with several funny videos I found of this product. But humor aside, I think it would work. Shaking your arms like that while holding up a weight has to do something.