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Shall We Take Risks In Our Life Or Remain Where We Are?

Updated on December 17, 2012

Are you happy with the life you have now? Can you think of anything that would make you happier and if so what do you think it would be?

I have thought and thought about this question that many people ask themselves. What would make me happy? Shall we take risks in our life or remain where we are?

Many people do not like change at all in their life. They are very content with the life they have now. That is all well in good, but it seems to me it would be kind of a boring life if it were me.

We need to make changes to keep us motivated, and to be able to look forward to something new and fresh in our lives. This is what keeps our minds and bodies active and healthy. If we were to sit around doing the same old thing day after day it becomes a little old for some, but if you are willing to stay in that place in your life and you are happy, then good for you.

I never was one for change myself and it started to get somewhat boring, so I have tried to change my outlook on life and just do something different. I kind of go overboard when I'm ready for a change, as I wrote in one of my other Hubs regarding "Living beyond our means".

It is really hard for many people to just change and do something different when we are so used to one certain life style, I know it is for me. But, if you want to have a fresh new life you are going to have to make that change as hard as it may be. This is the only way we will see results. We need to take a risk and it's called a risk because none of us can see into the future. We will never know what the outcome of our change would be if we don't take that risk.

By being afraid of taking a risk in life, we may very well be missing out on something that you really wished you can do. I had many dreams that I wanted to fulfill but I was just afraid to take that risk, so,by not taking the risk I was missing out on something that very well might have worked out.

There may be one thing in life that we may all regret and that is taking that risk.


The main question here is, do we what to just stay in our comfort zone or go out on the limb and try something fresh and new and take that risk in hopes that things will work as planed?

That's the risk we have to take.  Not knowing what waits in our future is a scaring thought, but we will never know if we don't take the risk.  You might be surprised and wonder why you haven't done this years ago.  Times a wasting.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Blueumbrella, It is my pleasure Joanna. I love to write my life experiences as you will see, regarding being an alcoholic (functioning) to finally seeing the light and surrendered. I now write to hopefully help others with an addiction to see the light I did and let them know it is never too late to change your life.

      All the best to you Joanna :)


    • Blueumbrella profile image

      Blueumbrella 5 years ago

      It was very encouraging :) I will definitely read about your experiences and follow your new hubs. Inspiration is something that I need the most right now . Thank you for nice words and warm welcome here,


    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Blueumbrella, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this hub. I am glad it was useful to you. Yes you are right. So many are in that comfort zone and are so afraid to leave it for the fear of failure or just plan scared to death of something different in their life. You have to sometimes take chances in life in order to get ahead and have a better life. That is exactly what I did and you can read of my hubs if you like about how I changed my life, downsized, got clean and sober and living the plan old simple life and to tell you the truth I have never been happier in my life.

      Welcome to HubPages and very nice to meet you !!


    • Blueumbrella profile image

      Blueumbrella 5 years ago

      This is a very inspiring and useful hub. Just what I need right now. The longer we stay in our comfort zone, the more difficult it gets to make a decision about a change, a fresh start or just an experiment.

      What I found may also be an obstacle is loyalty to certain people or places from the past. Sometimes letting go of what doesn't work for us anymore may be really difficult. What is needed is a bit of courage and trust which I wish us all :)

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ BeckyA.. Thanks so much for the comment and your therapist is correct. You know it is never too late to do anything in life. Just look at me with the alcohol addiction and now as sober as can be. I thought many years why try getting sober it's too late now and I was wrong, dead wrong!! Much Congrats on you 4.0 GPA that is wonderful Becky and I wish you all the success you deserve in your schooling and your future. Great Job/

      Have a Very Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Years

    • profile image

      BeckyA 7 years ago

      Great hub! Good timing too!

      My therapist has a sign in her office that asks, "what would you try if you knew you could not fail?" Made me think!! I am going to college online (32 years after graduating high school!!) It is something I have wanted to do, but always was afraid to risk owing money I couldn't pay back. Dumb me. What could I have done better all these years if I had gone to college way back when?

      When I talked to my therapist about school, she said I would be 4 years older whether I went to school or not, so why not be 4 years older with a degree?

      I was scared to death to try since I had taken chemo a few years ago and had experienced chemo fog, but my GPA is 4.0, so I guess I can relax now. :)

      It feels good to get out of my rut and try something new!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      I glad you enjoyed this hub and I hope you will enjoy the rest of them as well.

      Thanks so much!

    • theindianblues profile image

      theindianblues 7 years ago from Some where on the Globe

      Happy to be your first visitor on this place. Very thoughtful writing! Still shall we allow ourselves to take such risks? Is it not a risky thing?

      Jest kidding! I really enjoyed reading this hub and would like to spend time reading your other works as well. Thanks