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Shameless Top 5 Weight Loss Scams

Updated on February 12, 2011

1. "Light, light, light" 
Although many of the food "light" that you find in the supermarket are generally better than "no light", there are cases in which the "light" is not as healthy as we think. 

For example, "light" versions of certain food additives are added often harmful to health in the long (sometimes shorter) term. Yogurths sodas or diet are a good example, where sugar has been replaced by artificial sweetener such as aspartame, which has proven to be harmful to health. When you buy "light" products that do not contain aspartame checks, and instead contain the sweetener sucralose, which has no calories and although it is similar to sugar, diabetics can eat with complete safety. 

Another mistake many people make with light products is that they think "as it is light, then no matter what you eat more", where they are called "light" because they have a bit less fat or calories, not because they are absent them. Then, remember that even light, that does not let you eat more, just helps you eat less fat or calories. 

2. "The less you eat, the better" 
This is a total lie with which the media and advertising have fooled millions of people. 

How to lose weight? Simple, is not about eating less and less frequent, but to consume the amount of food that suits your metabolism so that you can lose weight quickly and healthily. 

And remember, if you are eating only 1 or 2 times a day these boicotiando your own efforts. Every time you eat food, your body has to burn energy to process, so that if you eat smaller meals frequently (4 to 6 meals a day), you'll be burning more calories (and fat) automatically, more efficient and active haras your metabolism, and will not have to go hungry between meals. 

3. "The fat in food is your enemy" 
True, fat is more caloric macronutrients, with 9 calories per gram (protein 4 cal / g, carbohydrates 4 cal / g). But did you know that the most important cause of why people are overweight is because they consume too much fat, but because they consume too many carbohydrates? 

These carbohydrates (which are usually consumed as flour, pasta, cakes and cookies) are the macronutrient that more is consumed in the day, which disproportionately to eat an excess of calories (and blood sugar levels) in the body,which are then stored as fat. 

Besides, fat by themselves are not bad. In fact, for the body are essential, since a deficiency of which causes problems such as a decline in the immune system, hair loss and other health problems. 

So, remember not only measure the fat you consume in your food, but also listen closely to those carbohydrates you are consuming in the day. 

4. "Eliminate carbohydrates (Atkins Diet) 
Now, although I mentioned that the excess carbohydrates in the diet is the # 1 cause of overweight, that does not mean you have to remove them, as in the Atkins diet. 

Such diets, although effective in the short term, at the end of the day the problems caused are far greater than its "benefits" 
- By eliminating carbohydrates your body has to resort to using its fat stores for energy, which puts your body into a state called "ketosis", which although temporarily to burn fat efficiently take your body to a toxic and dangerous state in which there is an excess of ketones (hence the name, ketosis) in the blood. 
- The rebound is imminent. Leaving the diet, 99% of cases the weight lost is won just as fast, going to be the same or worse than before 
- The low-carb diet carries a high fat intake, which is very bad for your cardiovascular and digestive health. 

So the point is not to eliminate carbs, but proper balance with the other macronutrients, proteins and fats, so creating a moderate caloric deficit delgazar this will allow a healthy and efficient. 

5. "Without exercise or dieting, just use this new pill / cream" 
For the avoidance of doubt, let me put it plainly: Currently there is no any kind of medication, pill, cream, drink, or powder that allows you to burn fat without diet or exercise appropriate. 

Most of these types of products you sell, not even been proven to work, and whether there are some that if they do, they only supplement and give you an "extra help" if at the same time you take a regimen of exercise and feeding .


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    • profile image


      7 years ago from usa

      Very true they all sucks your money

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Margarine is one of the greatest misconceptions - people think that it is a healthy alternative to butter but in fact it is worse than butter for promoting the buildup of bad cholesterol in your arteries.


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