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Shampoo For Scabies

Updated on October 16, 2012

Ingredients to look for in anti Scabies shampoo

This article covers three great ingredients that may be used for scabies shampoos. They are three good ingredients if they are used independently.


Lindane 1% sulfur shampoo is great for the evacuation of scabies from your pores. Lindane ought to be utilized in the event that you have a scabies infestation occur on your scalp. Lindane cleanser ought to not be utilized on other parts of your body. Scabies topical creams and are the things you should use to evacuate scabies from other parts of your body.

Use Lindane in conjunction with your specialist's guidelines.When utilizing the cleanser, wash and wet your hair very well. Do not utilize a conditioner. Permit your hair to dry fully. Use a couple of latex gloves in order to apply the cleanser to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for on 4 minutes. When the time is up, wash your head thoroughly.

Tea Tree

The tea tree has long been known by the aborigines in Australia who use the leaves as a poultice to treat skin problems and injuries. Tea tree is a shrub of 3 to 4m high living wild in marshy areas, but it is now grown in large quantities due to its salability overseas. The essential oil of tea tree is clear, and very mobile liquid, colorless or slightly yellow pale. It takes100kg of tea tree leaves to 1 to 2 liters of essential oil.

As a shampoo the oil of tea tree is a versatile anti-infectious, it is a broad spectrum antibacterial. It acts against a wide range of microbes, parasites, viruses and fungi. It is antiseptic, it heals wounds completely. The essential oil of tea tree is antiviral and anti-mite. Even when it is used on the head it still strengthens the immune system. The essential oil of tea tree is as anti-fatigue chemical that stimulates and gives physical and mental energy. It is a cardiac tonic, it strengthens the heart and the ventricles.

Shampooing is recommended for skin disorders such as scabies that are able to spread to the scalp and cause serious problems. As it can be a bit irritating to the skin, always dilute it if the shampoo has not done it already. It is better for dermal application if the treatment area is extended beyond the scalp. A tea tree body wash would be most recommended.


This oil repels insects and purifies the air by its antiseptic qualities. So if you are thinking about buying a shampoo to help treat your scabies, then lemongrass ingredients are the way to go.

Unless the shampoo has don’t it already it should be diluted for topical use. It is also a good insect repellent, especially for mosquitoes. Using it as a shampoo is a good idea as a preventative measure for if you may have to be around people with scabies. A lemongrass essential oil may also be used diluted for topical use on insect bites to reduce inflammation, or for a massage to relieve rheumatism, tendinitis and arthritis.


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    • debsmultz profile image

      debra 4 years ago from nebraska

      *********** TEA TREE OIL is the best.

      a little bit of that and it cures any kind of infection.

    • profile image

      Lilibo 5 years ago

      bought some chinese product before trying this one. How could i be so foolish! and I paid for it triple the price than the Scabies products that are sold on First of all, I was very impressed with this because It was cooling, soothing and refreshing on the scalp like you could just feel those bugs dying. When I tried that chinese dung I had some reaction on my skin and my scalp felt like it was on fire. Definitely Going to buy some more of this stuff

    • profile image

      Roxknowsskin 5 years ago

      Love this stuff. The lemongrass makes my hair smell so good! and the tea tree oil makes it shiny and smooth! can't use it now because my scalp scabies are gone but wish i had a regular shampoo with these awesome ingredients!