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Shampoos for Seborrheic Dermatitis on the Scalp - MG217, Selsun Blue & DHS

Updated on June 19, 2013

Before Shampoo

Flakes sitting on scalp
Flakes sitting on scalp
Flakes lifted from scalp
Flakes lifted from scalp
Flakes in sink
Flakes in sink

I have been struggling with Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) since teenage years. I'm sure I caught it from my mother-to tell you the truth, I would have preferred another 'inheritance'.

As the years went by, I have realized that SD became more pronounced and tried its best to cause embarrassment in every fashionable way. After realizing that simple washing with regular shampoo was not doing the trick, I decided to visit the dermatologist. The products from the Dr. did do wonders and cleared up my scalp, but they were very costly and with my head of hair, I went through them very quickly.

SD did not only target my scalp but behind and inside my ears, nose corners and eyebrows were also innocent victims to this 'incurable' condition. My thick head of hair has also gotten much thinner (in before picture you can clearly see patches of scalp).

With a lot of experiment, research and products, I've discovered that I get better results if I rotate my medicated shampoos. Treating SD is an ongoing routine and it's all about trying what works for you as our bodies are different and react to products in a unique way. So I would suggest that if you suffer from SD, you go ahead and experiment. You will get good results from the shampoos with frequent washing. I try to control SD with only shampoos, and try to eliminate the steroid based medications.

Many persons have tried natural products and have seen great results. I have also tried vinegar, essential oils (tea tree, lavender etc) natural oils (coconut, olive etc). I believe I have tried every method of controlling SD and truthfully I have gotten great results, but my search is still on for that cure.

My current routine is shampoo once or twice per week rotating Selsun Blue, DHS and MG217. I put nothing on my scalp, with the exception of before shampoo I massage castor oil and leave in overnight. For my face, which I consider to be an extension of my scalp care; I use the only surviving potion from my dermatologist - a solution consisting of 2% Salicylic Acid + Resorcinol + Erythromycin - this does a pretty good job of keeping my face and ear region free of signs of SD. I do have a general hair and skin care regime which I have gotten super results.

I must say this is the first time using MG217 and I got immediate results; I mean the flakes were almost like zero after shampoo. I have never gotten this result from any shampoo. The only one that came near to that was Nizoral, but for some reason I'm not seeing that on the shelves anymore. I purposely stretched my wash period to 9 days after DHS shampoo and OMG, I have very little flakes and almost no itch. I'm not gonna push it though, I will be washing today.

Fighting SD is a challenging job and it takes consistent care but it is not unbeatable. The key is to do your homework, find a plan (sometimes you have to have more than 1), stick to the plan and know when to change the plan.

After Shampoo

Clean scalp (2 weeks after MG217 and 1 week after DHS)
Clean scalp (2 weeks after MG217 and 1 week after DHS)



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    • profile image

      Ali 3 years ago


      I'm looking for sulfate free hair shampoo and body wash/shower gel without perfume, color and parabens, because i have itchy scalp and sensitive skin.

    • profile image

      i wash my hair with cold water 3 years ago

      I wash my hair using basic shampoo in cool or cold water once a week and clean my face with plain cold water. twice a day i put Aveeno anti-itch cream on my scalp face and chest. This routine keeps brake outs at bay.