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ShannonStyle. Look at me.

Updated on December 19, 2014

First things first.

So, first things first what are we working with? What is this fortress we must protect and what are you vulnerabilities? Well, okay let's see; I have bipolar 1 disorder, thyroid disease, binge eating disorder, a little depression and throw in some anxiety. Wow! That's a wrapsheet! Your telling me!? Guess what? Anything is possible, I learned this by believing it my whole life. So much so that its understood when I talk, sometimes I look at people and think wow get on my level. Hmph, but when your this high you want to be positive and productive always being constant. So I started blogging, hello world!

The remedy.

Healing is an everlasting process if your diagnosed as indefinitely ill point blank. Yeah, you may feel fine but the actual healing never ends. For example, through my own experience I can verify that I like my medicine, and I like seeing my psychiatrist. Mental illness is like, to me I would say if I wasn't medicated going into a room during flu season full of people coughing on me. Its not me, its the people around me making me sick. Which is why aromatherapy is my favorite recreational herbal remedy. I also see a psychiatrist to validate my opinions, sometimes that a huge deal when your eccentric and you can`t tell if its your personality or mania. Mainly, I like silence and alone time to be whole with myself. I can't stand anyone telling me what to do with myself, better yet even asking questions these days. It seems like everyone just wants to know your business its violating if you suffer acute paranoia. Understand, that mental illness is a huge mental advantage stop telling people to stop taking their medicine. Would you tell a cancer patient to stop doing chemo and meditate the tumor benign?

inner outer work it out.


As an introduction of who I am, I take it upon myself to take a stand for mental illness. You guys are ignorant, saying bipolars not so bad. Yeah cool fine, imagine you get shocked to the degree of amnesia which leaves a spot on your brain from one inpatient visit. Now picture that happening 7x in 6 years. Now deal with the trauma from that experience through the course of life. Now, understand why someone like me won't acknowledge anyone. I can't deal with girls, who aren't married or don't have strict values of discipline for themselves. Its too offensive, the mind games and they make us look bad with their pettiness. We all have different walks of life though, and I'm here to accept all women. Despite my inhibitions its a process to become a better person without compromising myself.


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