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Sharps Containers- A Place for Hazardous Waste in Your Home

Updated on April 24, 2012

Sharps Containers

This is considered hazardous waste!  The safest place for it is a sharps container!
This is considered hazardous waste! The safest place for it is a sharps container!

Hazardous Waste- What is it?

Hazardous waste is basically anything that can hurt or be harmful to you, someone else, or the environment. This would include anything that's sharp. If you use syringes routinely or only occasionally to give yourself injections of medicine, these syringes would be an excellent example of hazardous waste. It could even be a broken dish or light bulb. The glass shards can easily cut someone.

Hazardous waste can also be considered bodily fluids. If you were to cut yourself accidently, any gauze of bandages used that had blood on them would be hazardous waste. If you have a sore that's draining, any drainage from the wound would also fall into this category.

These are just a few examples of what can be considered hazardous waste. For the purposes of this article, think to yourself, can someone hurt themselves on this material? Don't forget to take children into account as well. They are often into things they shouldn't be and have a habit of putting those same things in their mouth, as well all know!


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Sharps Container Demo

Sharps Containers

Having a sharps container in your home for hazardous waste can really save a lot of accidents! If you're a diabetic or someone in your household routinely takes injections of some kind, I highly recommend having one handy at all times. This can help avoid any accidental needle sticks.

If you have an infectious disease that is spread by body fluids, such as Hepatitis C, it's a great idea to have a sharps container as well. If you cut your finger, nick yourself shaving, or use syringes yourself for injections of some kind, bandages or tissue and syringes can all be places in the sharps container as hazardous waste to avoid possibly transferring the disease to someone else.

Even if you live in a household where nobody uses syringes, it's still a good idea to have one. This gives you a place to put broken glass, dull or ruined knives, sewing needles, dull scissors, or anything else that's sharp and hazardous. You can then put the sharps container away and not worry about a child getting into it, or someone picking up the trash bag and cutting themselves.

Sharps containers are very hard durable plastic, red in color, and marked with biohazard signs. This serves to easily recognize there is hazardous waste inside. There is a slot opening at the top of most that allows for easy discarding of items but does not allow you to get those items back out. So someone would not be able to stick their hand in and grab any items placed in there.

Once the sharps container is full, you can securely fold the top in and lock it down. This makes it inaccessible for any more waste and does not allow anything to fall out. Once it's full, it's time to get a new one. You can get a small or large one depending on your needs. Having a backup ready to go is great idea as well. So when you fill one up, get out your backup, then order a new one. This will ensure you never have to go long without one.

Buying a Sharps Container

There are many places you can get a sharps container. A medical supply store should carry them and different sizes of them. You can also order them online. Amazon offers them at reasonable prices as well! Buying a sharps container can make your home safer and help alleviate your worries. We should all have one!


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    • handyhowto profile image

      handyhowto 5 years ago from California

      Nice hub. Didn't realize you could buy sharps containers right on amazon.

    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 5 years ago from Missouri, US

      Thanks! They really can come in handy for diabetics!

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