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Shirodhara massage – A solution For Depression

Updated on June 3, 2015

Ayurvedic Treatment of Depression Through Shirodhara

In this complex life, many people are suffering from the mental disorders like depression, stress and insomnia. Some of them uses strong medicines for quick relief. For those who wants alternatives to the medication, there are also natural Ayurvedic methods for the treatment of stress and anxiety disorders. ‘Shirodhara massage’ is also one of them.

In Sanskrit, Shiro means ‘Head’ and Dhara means ‘To flow’. Shirodhara massage originated from the southern part of the India and is based on the principles of the Ayurveda medicine. It is an Ayurveda therapy of pouring herbal liquids or oils over the forehead specifically on the third eye between the eyebrows and invigorates the senses and the mind. It is the therapy of rejuvenation and purification of the mind.

How Shirodhara works:

The basic principle behind the Shirodhara massage is that application of the warm herbal oils or other liquids stimulates the blood circulation to the brain. Healthy circulation of the blood gives relief from all the diseases caused by an imbalance of the energy in the body such as hypertension, depression, anxiety and headaches. Shirodhara massage heals our agitated nervous system.


In this curative method, the client lies on his back on the massage table with partially clothed. Now the warm herbal oil is poured on the chakra of the forehead. The chakra point is just above and between the eyebrows. The eyes are protected with the cotton pads. The drop-in (used) oil is recollected and reused again in the process. This process continues for thirty to sixty minutes depends upon the need of the client. On the completion of the flow of oil, the client is allowed to do rest on the same massage table. After an hour he can change dress and can go home back. After this method he is allowed to keep calm and quite for few hours.

Oil or liquids are used:

Ayurvedic experts use warm olive oil, sesame oil and a mixture of herbs. Coconut oil, buttermilk & cow’s milk oil can also be used for this curative process. A mixture of herbs includes punarvana, shatavari, mulethui, hing, dashmool etc.

Effects of Shirodhara:

Shirodhara massage is applied to cure head and nervous disorders. It has positive effects on the disorders caused by an imbalance of the energy.

  1. It supports healthy blood circulation to the brain
  2. It improves the memory
  3. It rejuvenates the skin
  4. It relaxes the body
  5. It cures headaches and migraines
  6. It cures disorders affecting neck, eyes, ear and nose
  7. It removes hypertension
  8. It calms and relax the mind
  9. It cures nervous disorders, stress and anxiety
  10. It rejuvenates and slows down the ageing process

Duration per Sitting:

30 to 60 minutes

When to go for Shirodhara Massage:

For the general relaxation purpose, you can go through this method weekly, monthly or occasionally. But if you are suffering from severe illness like Depression disorder, you are advised to go through this massage at least once a week. Sittings of the Shirodhara massage depend upon the disorders you have.



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