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Should I Be Worried That The Nurse Told Me She Learned It By Watching The Television Series House?

Updated on February 5, 2010


I had to go in and get one of those tests that I’m not really sure what it was all about but having been a “rule-follower” for all of my life, I drank the 32oz of water and then rushed to the doctor’s office while trying to not have an accident or do the “pee pee dance” too much in the waiting room. The nurse administering the test was friendly and knowledgeable but as she was telling me these little known facts (at least not known to me) about my organs she then told me that she had learned this from watching the show, “House.” Should I be worried that the nurse told me that she learned it by watching in the television series, House? – Don’t Get Me Started!

I have to say that the nurse seemed highly capable of her job and went to work straight away (probably knowing that this was not going to be like changing a baby and hoping they didn’t pee on you – should she hit me at the proper angle, there was no doubt going to be a perfect storm of pee) and I appreciated that her bedside manner was better than any I had experienced in recent years. She told of her family, her this and her that in an attempt no doubt to distract me from the fact that all I could do was think of waterfalls and trickling brooks or fountains. I also appreciated that she was telling me about the procedure and why she was doing what she was doing as she was doing it. But as she asked me to take a deep breath and hold it for the third time was when she came out with the information that the reason she was doing this was due to something she had seen on House. I must have had a look on my face that said, “Um, excuse me but could I see your nursing degree immediately before you touch me again with your rubber gloved hands?” She quickly said that she had learned it in nursing school and was just impressed that they had included it on an episode of House. Yeah, right. Listen lady, the damage had been done. Or had it?

As I laid there shifting from position to position, doing anything that was asked of me, I thought maybe I had it all wrong. Maybe it was a good thing that this woman loved her profession so much that she watched television shows about it too. Maybe she soaked up everything she could medical and here I was reaping the benefits of it. After all, isn’t it a good thing that there’s something happening on television that’s educational that doesn’t have a voiceover of some guy who sounds like he’s on quaaludes? Plus, let’s face it the days of shows featuring doctors who are just sort of miming “look at me, my hands are in this patient operating” are over – there are medical experts who just sit on the set all day and tell the actors that they’re not holding the forceps correctly or what have you. So suddenly I began to feel better about the whole situation and could really listen to what she was telling me about her kids and life in general.

And as the test came to a close and she walked me to the restroom to pee like I was in the stage musical version of the original Austin Powers movie when he’s unfrozen, I started to feel better about things. While there are certain professions where I would question a professional in that field quoting movie or television show information as their source (I don’t know that I’d ever feel comfortable with a lawyer telling me that he’s using a line of defense he saw in Legally Blonde however I would feel okay about him using something from Law And Order) I began to realize that the days of seeing medical professionals as some sort of Gods has passed. I’m not sure if it’s better that we know that our doctors and nurses are just human beings or not but there’s no way to stick our heads in the sand on this one. We must accept that there will be good ones, bad ones and some who learn stuff about their profession on television. Should I be worried that the nurse told me that she learned it by watching in the television series, House? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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