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Should I Bleach My Body Hair?

Updated on June 2, 2010

Bleaching Body Hair Tips

For many people, getting older includes growing new hair in places you don't want it, and loosing it where you want it most. 

While there are many approaches to trying to grow back hair, there are also a number of options for removing body hair from your life.  One of those methods is Bleaching Body Hair

Bleaching is a potential option for individuals with lighter skin and hope to hide the hair by blending its color of the hair in with the color of their skin.  This is often an option considered by people who have grown tired of trying to shave their body hair or those that are not at all interested in the potential pain caused by waxing or laser hair removal. 

On average, an individual can please their body hair in 20 minute periods.   While it only takes a short amount of time, the task should be tested before implementing on large areas of your body hair.  You don't want to bleach your body hair only to find out later that color doesn't turn out as planned and leaves you looking silly. 

There are a number of steps that an individual can take to safely bleach their back and body hair. 

  1. As mentioned previously, test first!  Be sure that the outcome of the test is what you'll be happy with implementing over your entire body hair. 
  2. Purchase a bleach cream for your body hair.   Find one that you're comfortable with and be sure to read their specific directions.  Follow them completely when applying the product and do not waiver from those instructions (even if its contradictory to what you read here or on another internet site). 
  3. Do not over-rub the cream.  It was meant for your back and not to be absorbed by your skin. 
  4. Use Cool water to remove the cream from the hair.  Cool Water will help reduce potential harm caused to your skin by the bleach product. 
  5. Apply skin lotion to repair damage done by the bleaching cream
These steps may be helpful in applying bleaching cream to your back and body hair.  Be sure to follow the directions on the product you buy and do your best to take care of your skin with products such as sensitive soap and lotion. 

Should I Bleach My Body Hair?

Although the steps above are clear and simple, deciding if you should or shouldn't bleach your body hair is a personal decision. 

Remember that bleaching body hair may not be a solid option for you as your skin color or hair color may not bleach to the color that you are expecting. 

Be sure to test the product on small areas of back and body hair before implementing in large areas. 


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