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Should I eat Breakfast?

Updated on June 19, 2011

Should I eat Breakfast?

Who has not found himself or herself wanting to lose some weight as quickly as possible? Many of us are even struggling with weight issues and think that skipping breakfast would help. In fact, some people think that eating only one meal per day would work even better. While such people end up getting slimmer their body health deteriorate in the process. Is there any sense in attaining a slim, weak body, which gets sick every so often?

All of you would prefer gaining a toned figure while eating healthy and adequately. What this means is that one must always try not to skip breakfast. See, when you wake up and go to work your body will require using energy to help you be productive. If you just get up and leave with an empty belly, then you will not be as productive as a person who cannot skip his or her break fast.  Do you know why?
Human body responds to not feeding for many hours by reducing its metabolism and burning fewer calories, so it may well preserve the little energy it has left.  Thus, a person who eats something in the morning triggers his or her body to increase its metabolic rate, burning more calories and helping it shed excess fat.  Besides, many weight loss findings indicate that people who do not skip meals at all, and exercise often lose weight easily.
That is, if you miss your morning meals, then it means your tendency to eat excessively later in the day will be high. Additionally, any person who has to think a lot while doing his or her work has to eat to sharpen the memory and help it withstand continuous overload. This works perfectly for both adults and kids who also remain cheerful from the start to the end of each day.  As much as every nutritionist agrees that morning meals are imperative, they also want you to be cautious with your diet.
For instance, these experts warn that some foods are bad because they cause a crazy increase of blood glucose. In turn this cause quick burning of calories and you will feel hungry soon after eating. These nutrition advisors advise people to eat whole foods, such as oat, wheat, brown rice and so on. These foodstuffs are healthy and keep your body energetic the whole day.  Besides, when you eat properly in the morning, it is easy to skip or have a very light meal for lunch.


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    • Pagelift profile image

      Pagelift 6 years ago

      Good advice; if anything, its important to have your biggest meal in the morning and eat smaller meals throughout the day.