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Should I try diet pills to lose weight?

Updated on November 9, 2010
Have you tried the alternatives? Diet pills are not a magic cure.
Have you tried the alternatives? Diet pills are not a magic cure.

Diet pills may seem tempting - but inform yourself before you start using them

How Diet Pills work

Diet pills are complex chemical compounds that react in the body to either suppress the formation of fat, or help burn it up. There are three basic categories of diet pills. The first one simply suppresses your appetite thereby cutting down on calorie intake. These pills release certain chemicals in your body which work by deceiving the brain into believing that there is no requirement for the intake of food. With your natural appetite suppressed in this artificial manner, you do not feel hungry even during your regular meal times. This automatically results in reduced calorie intake, contributing to reducing overall body weight.
The other two categories of diet pills work on the fat, that is, either they block the very formation of fat, or they help burn up fat rapidly. A diet pill that blocks fat basically prevents the breakdown of fat molecules when you eat food rich in carbohydrates. This in turn prevents the absorption of fat in the body. With no more fat being stored, the body uses the existing accumulated fat for all daily energy needs. Over time, this results in losing body fat thereby assisting in weight loss. A fat blocker pill taken before a meal even allows one to indulge in ones favorite foods, no matter how rich in carbohydrates, without any of it being absorbed in the form of fat.
The third category of pill helps burn up fat, by artificially boosting your body’s metabolism. It is therefore also sometimes referred to as a metabolism booster. Normally when we eat food, the body uses part of it for its immediate energy needs and converts the rest into fat as an energy reserve to be used later. A diet pill that boosts metabolism increases the body’s energy consumption, thereby converting a lesser proportion of food into fat. Lesser fat equals lesser weight, once again assisting in weight loss.

Alternatives and supplements to use with or without Diet Pills

Very often diet pills form a part of a weight loss program or a wellness system kit. This means that diet pills are usually taken along with other supplements.

What additional supplements will form a part of such a weight loss program depends on two main factors. First, the overall result one is looking for and the timeframe within which to achieve it. For example, if one is looking for quick and effective ways of losing weight, a single set of diet pills alone may not be the solution. One may have to take a combination of pills, one set that suppresses the appetite, and another that helps to burn fat by increasing your body's metabolic rate.
Second, occasionally diet pills can have adverse side effects. To counter some of the side effects, one may have to take anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills or even vitamin supplements, in conjunction with the set of diet pills.

These wellness kits are more like holistic weight loss programs aimed toward helping a person lose weight, at the same time keeping the balance of the body and mind intact. Since taking diet pills is an artificial remedy to lose weight, the chemical balance of the mind and body may be disturbed to varying extents. It is to avoid such undesirable effects and maintain the all-important balance that wellness kits add supplementary products to their curriculum.
Another type of dietary supplement commonly recommended is protein shakes. Along with exercise, the consumption of protein supplements or even a high protein diet, helps build the muscle mass in the body. Since the muscle tissue is a live tissue requiring constant energy and blood circulation, increasing the muscle mass in your body steps up the body's metabolism. The increased metabolism in turn helps you lose weight faster.


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