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Should Marijuana be legalized everywhere?

Updated on April 17, 2014

The facts and fictions of the herb!

Marijuana: A natural growing herb used for many reason but banned illegal by the government. Many people believe that if this so called drug was as dangerous as they say it wouldn't be used by doctors in hospitals is different parts of the country. statistics say due to many test and studies that cannabis plants and the THC found in them are not as harmful as the government makes them out to be. Many other legal drugs have been proven to be more dangerous to our bodies and health then smoking Marijuana. Even when testing chronic and long term Marijuana users.

Seems that things like caffeine found in things like coffee,soda,tea,and even most energy drinks has been proven more fatal then Marijuana,yet they legalized caffeine. Sometimes I just don't get this world and the things they do.

Should it be legal everywhere?

First things first lets look at some reasons why people who are not users of the herb might be against it legalization number one reason being is because of the brain washing the government has put into society's head. That this herb is harmful to everyone however it isn't. The research proves that there has never been any reported deaths or overdose related deaths from marijuana in relation to other legal drugs such as aspirin. Other reason include but are not limited to the violence behind the herb as well as the smell. Some would say it tweaks the mind to cause people to snap or go crazy but I assure you it is not the herb. In fact it has been proven that marijuana helps once focus better. It also is prescribed to people with bad vision. Does that sound like a harmful thing. Yes people use the herb to get high but that is to help aid in the dealings of stress related situations caused by life. If more people used the herb maybe this world would be a bit calmer.

What benefits legalizing marijuana could bring!

Okay lets look at this country's problems I think the greatest problem we have right now is our financial (messed up economy) problem. Next on the list would be the crime rate. Before we get into the benefits lets look at why we are in the situations we are in. It is not because of marijuana that is for sure. It is because things that should be legal the country outlaws it and things that are harmful like guns are legalized.For instance a gun in the hands of someone with a mental illness could snap and end up killing a lot of people however lay a gun near a marijuana plant nothing happens. In the same instance if someone with a mental health problem puffs a little bit on marijuana that has not access to a gun who can he kill?

Now lets look at robbery and murder most people who steal from others don't have any real intentions on killing anyone they just want to acquire something the want but don't have and can't afford to get. So they rob or steal it from someone else then panic at the though of getting caught causing a desperate act for escape sometimes ending in death or someone getting hurt.

One of the benefits of the herb known as marijuana being legal would be anyone could acquire it for free as well as by paying for it without having to steal it or that fear of being caught. So it will cut down the rate of violence. Also by placing a price on it the demand becomes greater and it could be taxed thus bring in more money to this country. We all know how buy, sale, and trade works I don't need a full explanation to make this point. Now that you see just a few of its benefits maybe we won't think so bad of the plant or herb anymore. There are many other reasons and benefits but I could be here forever trying to list and explain them all.

More Jobs continued...

Indoor farming and growing will require some investment to acquire everything you would need to get set up like heating lamps and timers as well as a few other things. Though indoor growing is yearly and doesn't require seasonal work like outdoor growing and farming the quality is a lower grade and the quantity is extremely low. Unless you are doing like a green house set up but in that case you will have to have climate control as well. So by the grade and quantity being lower you might feel you want to charge more but you could only charge up to the actual value of the quantity you produce. In time this could turn a huge profit for you should you continue to harvest and grow and farm your product. We all know that indoor growing requires a lot more work but just think you won't have to produce any more investment once you have your first setup from your investment unless you have to replace things from time to time. The plants will produce its own seeds so that they can continue to reproduce time and time again so don't be careless remember to collect yours seeds as well as your profits.

More Jobs could be created!

Since there are a few ways to farm and grow the Marijuana plant known as cannabis legalizing it could create more jobs and people could even go into business as a marijuana farmer. Some indoor and some outdoor. Though outdoor is seasonal and can only be farmed during the spring and summer months and take longer to grow it will produce a greater quantity and quality of the bud known as marijuana. Since growing and farming out doors produces such high grade product at massive quantities outdoor farmers could charge wholesale prices and earn a great living as the profit they turn will be great. The outdoor farmer can have the best of both worlds because during the off seasons he could sale the seed from his crop he has collected since he produces so much his seeds will be in great numbers as well just be sure to save enough stored seed to re-farm and regrow next season.

In closing

I believe that either way the herb is not as harmful as many makes it out to be. These are my personal opinions like it or not. Some may agree and some may not but when it all comes down to it No one really knows anything but what is told to us. So to all those that agree with me lets do what we can to make it legal. To all those who don't do what you can to try and stop us. Please feel free to comment as to why you agree or disagree with the things stated in this hub. looking forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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    • profile image

      candi 3 years ago

      I simply don't like the smell of the drug. Yes I say drug because, people use it to get high. Which means it can be harmful and abused. that is why it is illegal. And stay that way

    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Well the call medications drugs and most of them you can get high from does that make them harmful and illegal?

    • profile image

      candi 3 years ago

      Any drug abused would be harmful to the individual misusing it. However this particular one is misused a lot . Therefore illegal. that not my doing it is the law. It should be illegal to abuse prescription drugs in my opinion.

    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 3 years ago from Philadelphia

      Yet its not so why can't we be fair about this?

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      I do not think that it should be legal everywhere. If it helps medically then it should be made legal for that reason but not for everyone. Suppose that farmers hire helpers to grow it and the employers start using it and slack off on their jobs. Then what?

      By the way, I do not know if this is happening to everyone but when I tried to look at your videos - both of them - they said 'try later, error occurred'.

    • Masata profile image

      Derrick Houston 3 years ago from Philadelphia

      something I didn't mention in my hub that will be added later is that Marihuana is also given to people to help them focus better. So your theory would happen. When tested on chronic users it was discovered that 9 out of ten users showed improvements in stressful areas at work and in stressful situations. The user is able to think more clearly. They function better! That is a fact if you don't believe me look it up for yourself. Thanks for the comment and your opinion. This debate could end soon just because of this hub and our comments. You just helped the would learn a little bit more Thanks.

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