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Should Severe Hyperthyroid Symptoms Be A Cause Of Concern?

Updated on August 4, 2011

Many people who have severe hyperthyroid symptoms become very concerned, and some even worry as to whether this can become a life threatening condition. When I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, which is an autoimmune hyperthyroid condition, I definitely was concerned about some of the symptoms, specifically the increased heart rate and palpitations. I was so concerned that even though I’m a holistic doctor and try to avoid taking prescription drugs whenever possible, I came close to taking the anti-thyroid drugs that was recommended by the endocrinologist I consulted with.

However, I refrained from taking Methimazole and the beta blocker, and ended up following a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol. Although I honestly wasn’t too sure whether such a protocol would cure my condition, I knew the prescription drugs wouldn’t do anything other than manage the hyperthyroid symptoms, and I wanted to try curing the condition if at all possible. To no surprise I was told that my condition was incurable by the endocrinologist, which is true when following a conventional medical treatment protocol, which usually involves taking anti-thyroid drugs or receiving radioactive iodine therapy. But once again, despite my background I was still skeptical as to whether my health could be restored back to normal through natural hyperthyroid treatment methods.

The Malfunctioning Thyroid Gland Usually Isn’t The Cause Of Your Condition

What’s important to understand is that in most cases of hyperthyroidism, as well as other thyroid conditions, the malfunctioning thyroid gland isn’t the actual cause of the disorder. So while your hyperthyroid symptoms are a result of the malfunctioning thyroid gland, another problematic area of the body is usually responsible for the development of the thyroid disorder.

For example, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, which is a hyperthyroid condition with an autoimmune component. And while most endocrinologists still focus their treatment methods at the thyroid gland with an autoimmune thyroid disorder, they frequently will not pay any attention to the immune system, which is absurd. Besides the immune system, other areas of the body can be affected as well, such as the adrenal glands, digestive system, the sex hormones, and other areas. Any of these affected areas can eventually lead to a thyroid condition. So when an endocrinologist or general medical practitioner usually recommends prescription drugs, or radioactive iodine therapy, it’s important to keep in mind that these treatment methods do nothing for the actual cause of the disorder.

Using Radioactive Iodine To Eliminate Your Hyperthyroid Symptoms

Some endocrinologists will recommend a high percentage of their patients with hyperthyroidism to receive radioactive iodine therapy. While there might be some people who can benefit from RAI, this harsh treatment method is given to many people who can have their health restored back to normal through natural treatment methods. Radioactive iodine therapy may do a great job of eliminating the hyperthyroid symptoms, but the consequences are usually severe, as the person will frequently become hypothyroid for the rest of their lives.

As a result, radioactive iodine should usually be a last resort, when every other treatment option has failed. The reason for this is because RAI damages and sometimes destroys the thyroid gland. Call me crazy, but this doesn’t sound like much of a solution to me, as it’s essentially replacing a person's hyperthyroid symptoms with hypothyroid symptoms.

Why Are Natural Hyperthyroid Treatment Methods So Effective?

The reason why natural hyperthyroid treatment methods are so effective when it comes to treating hyperthyroidism is because they try to get to the underlying cause of the condition. So in addition to managing the hyperthyroid symptoms, it will also address the actual cause, which can potentially restore the function of the thyroid gland back to normal. I say potentially because not everyone is an ideal candidate for a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol, although in my opinion it’s definitely worth at least consulting with a natural endocrine doctor to see if you can be helped.

Some people with hyperthyroidism will attempt to self-treat their condition through nutritional supplementation and herbal remedies. Doing this can be risky, as while it may seem easy enough to visit your local health food store for supplements, or perform an online search for “thyroid support boosters”, the truth is that just taking nutritional supplements alone isn’t enough to cure most cases of hyperthyroidism. And most of the supplements out there won’t even manage your hyperthyroid symptoms, which means you will be throwing away your money on these supplements.

Combining Natural Treatment Methods and Conventional Treatment Methods

Some people with hyperthyroidism want to use natural hyperthyroid treatment methods to restore their health back to normal, but at the same time will also want to take prescription drugs to manage their hyperthyroid symptoms. This definitely is an option, and in fact, for people with severe symptoms it actually might be a good idea to take this approach. Some people will take the anti-thyroid drugs, along with a beta blocker, and then once their symptoms are under control will begin a natural treatment protocol. Others choose to do both at the same time, as they will take the prescription drugs and begin the natural treatment protocol simultaneously, and once again will wean off of the prescription drugs as their hyperthyroid symptoms subside.

I personally chose not to take the anti-thyroid drugs when I was diagnosed, and was fortunate to have the natural treatment methods control my hyperthyroid symptoms within a few weeks of beginning the program. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take prescription drugs (assuming you’re not already taking them), or stop taking them if are currently taking them. This is of course something that you need to decide for yourself, as neither I or any other doctor can tell you what you should do.

In summary, if you have severe hyperthyroid symptoms, then taking prescription drugs is an option, but keep in mind that taking medication won’t do anything for the cause of the disorder. As for RAI, while this treatment method might help eliminate the symptoms, it will mostly make you hypothyroid for the rest of your life. As a result, I highly recommend that anyone who has hyperthyroidism consider a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol to see if their health can be restored back to normal. After all, it’s your thyroid health we’re talking about, and you have nothing to lose by giving natural treatment methods a try.

For more information on how to treat Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease through natural treatment methods, please visit my facebook fan page, Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism: Natural Treatment Solutions (and don't forget to Like the page while you're there!).


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