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Should You Try ECA Stack Bodybuilding?

Updated on May 4, 2010

The world of fitness and bodybuilding has become increasingly more popular across America and Europe over the last 10 years or so. For this reason, individuals who train are constantly looking for new products, and methods to help them attain the physique that they crave. ECA stack bodybuilding is a relatively new product on the market, but it has proven to be extremely effective, and thus popular. The combination of ephedra, aspirin and caffeine together has always been known to create a fantastic fat burner. They have never been put together in a tablet form before though. In the past, the user would have had to measure out his or her own amounts of the three ingredients.

The eca stack tablets have revolutionized this system of weight loss. Stack basically means any type of sports nutrition supplement or product that involves any more than one ingredient. Obviously, eca stack bodybuilding involves three, so it comes under this umbrella. The three ephedra, caffeine and aspirin are a perfect trio for fast and effective weight loss.

Ephedra is one of the strongest thermogenic weight loss products on the planet. It is also referred to as ma huang. The substance that is used in the tablets comes from the ephedra sinica plant. The plant only grows in China in extremely baron and rocky environments.

Caffeine has the same thermogenic properties as the ephedra has, but it is also a stimulant too. The two together are the ideal combination to heat up the body, and thus cause it to burn more calories, and at the same time stimulate the body to increase the energy levels. Obviously, these are two of the key factors that a bodybuilder looks for when training heavily.

The aspirin is the ingredient that holds the whole product together though, without it, it just would not be safe. Aspirin actually thins the blood. When you are training extremely hard, and your heart rate is increased, there is a lot of blood passing through the body. The aspirins effect of thinning your blood is vital in allowing the extra blood to travel around the body faster.

There are many different websites that advocate eca stack bodybuilding, and most of these sites will sell the tablets too. It is wise to shop around for them, as there are often bargains to be had, particularly for newer start up companies. Searching thoroughly will ensure you attain the best price.


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    • profile image

      AdamC 7 years ago

      After doing a good deal of research on assisted supplements, I decided to choose the Dr Max Anabolic Stack based on the good things I heard about. Now of course, one must use common sense, it does have caffeine in it but that is not its foundation. Best time to take this is 1 hour before you workout. Of course you do not want to take it late at night.

      More importantly, the product works. I previously used mri black powder with my workouts but took a break from it as I didn't want to over supplement myself. With the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack , you will want to drink plenty of water, and don't expect it to be a magic pill. I used this with my normal workouts, and even on non-workout days, the results are showing and my body fat level has decreased 2% from previous level leaving me at about 8% body fat (considered very lean), regardless I am still on my last week of it, so I have not finished. It is 9 pills per pack, which is only the slighest hassle, no big deal. It gives good energy and no crashes. It does contain caffeine, but the more important ingredients are in the thyroid complex as well as the green tea extract.

      Read about it, and especially the label, and learn for yourself!