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Should You Use Warning and Instructional Plates or Just Depend on Safety Signs?

Updated on December 13, 2013
Warning and Instructional Plates
Warning and Instructional Plates

Some people do not understand the importance of safety in the workplace, and those who do know that safety awareness is needed at work sometimes forget that in order for people to be safe, all necessary precautions need to be undertaken. This is where the question as to whether warning and instructional plates are still needed when safety signs are already being used in a facility. Is it really necessary for these tags to be posted in and around the workplace when similar signs are already in use?

This question usually pops up when issues with budget, or lack thereof, is a concern. When people find that funds are rather low and they need to cut corners somewhere, these safety tools are sometimes viewed as less than necessary when bigger safety signs are already being used. What some people may not realize is that while these do have similar functions, which is to warn people of the dangers that are found within the area, where these are used and for what specific purpose are actually rather different.

Warning and Instructional Plates - High Voltage
Warning and Instructional Plates - High Voltage

Why Warning and Instructional Plates Should Be a Part of a Safety Program

Even when signs abound in the workplace, these plates should not be ignored altogether. These do serve an important purpose, and omitting these from your safety program due to budgetary constraints may actually cause more harm than good. You should always insist on having these metal nameplates made for your safety program and you can cite the following reasons to ensure that these do get made and mounted where needed.

These plates are used for very specific safety reasons and not just for general safety warnings – these plates often carry very specific safety messages that are associated with the equipment it is posted on or near. This means that these plates are your last line of safety in terms of information and awareness. These plates also help remind people of the dangers of the equipment they might be working on or nearby. With such close proximity, these plates can be more effective in telling people to keep safe and to exercise caution when working near or with such machinery.

These plates are actually attached to the machinery in question, making them the last line in safety warnings – as mentioned earlier, these warning and instructional plates are often found either very near the equipment that pose dangers to people or on them. The use of these plates helps ensure that people are being reminded even at the very last minute of safety measures and the importance of following safety rules and precautions. With the close proximity of such reminders, it is rather difficult for a person to actually say that they were not warned of the dangers or that they did not see warning signs that tell them to be careful.

These warning and instructional plates carry more than just warnings on them, they also carry instructions – since some equipment require care when being used, these plates usually remind people of the proper operating procedures associated with these machinery. You will find that these plates can actually carry steps for operating such equipment, which helps ensure not only the person’s safety but also the proper usage of the machine, which in turn reduces the chances of it breaking due to misuse.

These metal nameplates can also remind people of safety gear and protective clothing – not only do these plates remind people of proper operating procedures, but these can also remind them of the need to wear protective gear when necessary. While such reminders can be posted using signs and posters near the equipment in question, some people may just pass these reminders by and forget to use protective equipment when they start using these machines. Having these plates on the equipment itself can help tell them that they need to have goggles, or gloves, or hats on before they can start the machine safely.

These are but a few of the things you need to remember when it comes to why it is important to always include the use of warning and instructional plates in your workplace. Your safety program should never be without these metal nameplates since these can easily mean the difference between a person’s safety and demise.

Warning and Instructional Plates - Danger
Warning and Instructional Plates - Danger


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