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Should morbidly obese people use diet pills?

Updated on January 12, 2011

Losing weight can be very hard, and repeated failures heartbreaking.

The problem of obesity is something more and more people are seeing today. It is often blamed on our fast-paced, consumerist society. Technology has blurred the line between work and home.  E-mail, cellular phones, pocket organizers are continuously being improved to be faster, take bigger documents, reach you anywhere around the world. It is no wonder that people are looking for shortcuts for everything else including meals.  The days where a person would labor intensely in the kitchen for an afternoon to produce a superb, healthy, home-made meal were almost replaced by microwave dinners, take out, and the speed of a delivery boy.

Fortunately, these kinds of meals are finding their place back at the center of many a dining table with the renewed focus on health and fitness.  The rise of weight related diseases like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes has further highlighted the need to go back to a healthier way of living and eating.  And the first step towards this goal is in losing excess unwanted poundage.

A good diet is made up of a few simple but important elements. A good diet should have a majority of unprocessed or whole grains, so your wheat and rye loaves and brown rice are welcome along with the use of healthy oils.  Fruits and vegetables for their fiber and vitamin content are important in the diet.  You need protein as well in the form of white meat and fish as well as soy, nuts, seeds, and beans. It is important to stay away from too much red meat, soda, refined grains, sugar and salt as all these just contain starch and sugar that have no nutritional value and instead increase your sugar level and water retention. Unhealthy food can do more harm than just make you put on weight too - toxins can accumulate in your body. Good food will naturally detoxify your body, and help you feel better. .

The topic of diet pills also enters the equation when discussing weight loss, especially for the morbidly obese.  Such overweight individuals often feel that a regular balanced diet and exercise is not enough to get weight loss going. To lose weight one needs to increase metabolism and the only way to do that is through more physical activity, which might be near impossible for extremely overweight individuals.  The debate on the safety of these pills is ongoing. The most common complaint is that some of these diet pills just make things worse because they either contain caffeine, too much of which leads to heart problems, or other synthetic chemicals that have negative side effects. Even organic diet pills are questioned for their effectivity.  They are effective in creating fast metabolisms, even if just when taking diet pills, though. The bottom line seems to be to consult your physician before taking any kind of diet pill. Some pills can be prescribed and taken within limits, so don’t count out diet pills as a whole just yet.

All-in-all, morbidly obese individuals should really focus on ways to lose weight that are healthy and safe and the best way to do this is through the guidance and advice of health professionals.


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