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Medical Marijuana and our right to have it.

Updated on June 4, 2013

Medical Marijuana : Should I go to jail for legally obtaining medical marijuana? The voters have spoken in my state it's legal. Shouldn't medical Marijuana be treated as any other prescription, if it's been voted in ? The voice of the people? Does it have any value or was voting in medical marijuana all for not? Sadly it's not and I and my doctor could be jailed. This is my personal story.

On June 25,2003 I had a bad fall, My right leg was in a strange position, I couldn't get up. I had to be picked up off the floor. I blew a disc. As time went by that disc got huge and painful. I had mulitiple back operations to rectify it. To this day it has popped out again and it's huge.

I also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, people usually think that it only affects military personal. It does affect the brave men and women who lay their lives down for us. Often they aren't given the proper medical help they deserve. In truth it is triggered by a horrifying or traumatic event or events. For instance my first husband beat me daily. He used to put a single bullet in his gun, put it to my head and pull the trigger. If obviously, the shot didn't kill me, he would laugh at my terror and say, "it's your lucky day". He lit my wedding dress on fire and I had to run for the apartment pool and jump in. He got us evicted everywhere. Finally, I got scared enough to leave. However until the day he shot himself, I lived in fear he would make good on his promise and kill me. The abuse I suffered was terifying and I still to this day see a physciatrist.

I have Neuropathy in my feet and now it has spread to my hands. Neuropathy is a horrible disease that causes nerve damage in my feet and hands is extremely painful.

I have had heart surgery, because my valves close up. It is a birth defect.

These conditions often spawn, high anxiety, depression,suicidal thoughts, panic attacks.

Nos That I've told you my medical history, it was important you understand why I recieved a medical marijuana card. I wasn't trying go just get high. It calmed and helped a lot of these disorders.

The voters in my state voted in medical marijuana. I take anxiety medications, pain medications, and an antidepressants. Any one of these diseases qualified alone. My dr. Told me I couldn't have my anxiety medications and pain medications anymore, because she could lose her liscense to practice medicine. I was told I had a choice, my medications or marijuana. Of course I had to choose the medications. I cannot function without them. The pain in my feet, hands and back alone are enough to stop me from functioning on a daily basis or long term. I was monitored every two weeks by urine tests to make sure my levels decreased until the marijauna was out of my system and then to make sure I stayed clean.

My point? The marijauna was prescribed as with my medications. I wasn't breaking any laws state wise, but I could have been imprisioned for up to 25 years. I could have gone to jail since the federal government has access to every states medical marijuana lists. I think the federal government should have to respect the voters rights. We fought and voted it in. They allow doctors to prescribe pain and other medications in astronomical proportions. People are overdosing on these medications left and right. You can't overdose on marijuana, truth is I took less pills when I was allowed to have it.

The federal goverment is raiding dispensaries and people are finding it harder to get ghdir prescriptions filled. They have no respect for the laws we vote in. They put you on pain medications than treat you like a street drug addict when you go to get them filled. I had 24 seperate visits including my own doctor to try to find out why my feet hurt so badly. They assumed I was chasing pain pills. I had pain pills, the neuropathy pain was so bad I had myself admitted go a mental facility, under suicide watch. Every dr I saw in those 24 visits, I heard "I can't or I'm not going go help your feet". Even the doctor, that saw me in the mental facility said that. NOT ONE OF THEM EXAMINED MY FEET OR TRIED TO, They made up their minds because I was honest and bog my marijuana legally, I was trying to get pills. It took the entire nursing staff to get the doctor to call upstairs and get a neurologist. I was diagnosed and put on non narcotics. I went home the next day.

I was classified a drug abuser for exercising my right to have medical marijuana legally. The federal government has overturned my right to have it. They scare the doctors and I've had doctors that told me if federal government hadn't been so quick to prosecute them, would write the prescription for it.

People should have their medicine, without having go risk jail for it. When are we going to say they can't do this to us and the laws we vote in? Medical marijuana does have its place in the medical world.

Copyrite 2012 Ruth McCollum all rights reserved


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  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

    I just wrote a research article on the many benefits of medical marijuana as well as the need for legalization.

    I'm very surprised the Government hasn't completely legalized it so they could tax the hell out of it.

    Great hub my friend.

  • Rusti Mccollum profile image

    Ruth McCollum 5 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon

    Thankyou people need medicines they aren't getting, my dr can't even diagnose my issue! had a nerve test today. I am twitching having spasms. I call and the nurse won't message my dr. I had 3 heart attacks and died! I am having a rapid heart rate and she could care less. the nurse is rude and yesterday I finally got mad and started turning the nurse in! Anyways there will be a second article coming about patient treatment these days. i almost have it written. Thankyou for coming by, i go to your page when i can, because you are one of the best writers here! I love your hubs!

  • kashmir56 profile image

    Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

    Hi my friend great well written hub, it is such a shame that people that need it are not going to able to get medical marijuana legally . But in today's world a lot of people are not getting what they need to live and again our government still don't care. Well done !

    Vote up and more !!! SHARING !