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Should women lift weights & drink protein?

Updated on February 2, 2016

In my past, I was like many of you. The thought of lifting scared me!

You see, many people don’t really understand that STRENGTH training is absolutely essential if you’re trying to lose weight and get toned. ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN...

Every day at the gym, you often see women steering clear of the free-weight section, because they think they’re going to get “bulky!” I mean no one wants to look like this --------->

But the truth is, most women, naturally, cannot get huge and bulky simply from lifting weights.

So this picture we paint in our heads of what we will look like if we lift, is far from true. In fact, it has been proven that lifting weights will actually help you lose weight and ultimately "get smaller," as you TONE your body.

*What you CAN get from lifting, is a healthy body composition & strength, that benefits you in your everyday life.

So ladies, here are five, scientifically proven reasons, why every woman should lift weights, at least a little!

1. Muscle is More Dense Than Fat -

Because lean muscle is more dense & compact, than fat. As you build muscle and lose fat you’ll get smaller and look tighter and more toned. Lifting helps you build those muscles you want to tone and lose weight.

Lifting Weights and Drinking Protein.. for Women?

As a Woman, do you Lift or Drink Protein

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Look like a BEAUTY, Train like a BEAST!


2. Strength Builds Confidence!

Watching yourself get stronger through lifting can give you a boost in confidence. Lean muscle will also fill out your curves and keeps you looking healthy, toned and fit.

3. Higher Resting Metabolic Rate

When you lift weights and drink protein shakes, your resting metabolic rate has been proven to be elevated throughout the day. Meaning you will burn more calories even during normal activity. And as you know, more calories burned, means more weight loss.

My personal FAVORITE Protein Drinks!

4. More Strength To Do the Things You Love To Do

Increasing lean muscle mass can better allow you to do the things you need and love to do. Give your body the strength it needs to play with your kids, clean the house and do yard work, with more vigor and strength in each step!

5. Increased Bone Density -

Lifting weights and drinking a protein shake, like the Zeal Protein, over time will Increase bone density and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Lifting doesn't just help your muscles aquire strength, it also helps your bones become stronger, so they can carry those muscles. All around, your body beings to restore and protect itself with the nutrients from your protein shakes, and the pressure lifting brings.

Women CAN lift and SHOULD LIFT! You won't turn into the hulk, you will simply strengthen and tone your body, just like what you want.

Be "GIRL" Strong!


Check out our FREE "90 Days to a Better YOU!"


Now, as we continue our "90 days to a Better YOU" challenge, I want you to do a few things after your workout...

Tell me why you love to lift, or why you are learning to love to lift, even just a little!


If you haven't heard about what our "90 Days to a Better YOU" challenge is, PLEASE EMAIL ME andFollow Us on FACEBOOK!

For the next 90 Days, we will be posting Videos, Pictures and written out workouts for you to take on. The first few will be more simple, to ease you in. YOU know your body, so always be sure to challenge yourself, without going too far.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

Changing lives, one person at a time!

Alaina Rupe

Health & Wellness Mentor


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