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Should You Drink Water From a Copper Jug?

Updated on January 28, 2015
Copper Jug
Copper Jug

Convenient and affordable plastics have impregnated every sector of our lives and we are almost always using plastic in some form. We do not even realize how much plastics have become a part of our food handling and storage. Before plastics, people used to cook and store food and water in metal containers, which enriched food and water with healthy minerals.

Traditionally Indians (Asian) used to store water in copper vessels. Copper is considered an essential mineral for our body. Ayurvedic medicine recommends storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it in the morning for good health. Pre-modern water supplies were transported through copper pipes and taps and its anti-microbial properties were observed.

Health Benefits of Copper

  • The human body can not synthesize copper. So in order to carry out normal metabolic functions, continuous copper intake is essential.
  • An average intake of 1.2 milligrams of copper per day (trace amounts) is recommended for adults. Excessive intake can also be harmful, leading to high blood pressure or psychiatric disorders.
  • Copper is primary element in the production of melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair, and skin) in our bodies.
  • Copper is also an antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic that prevents cell damage and slows aging.
  • Copper also helps in healing wounds and relieving pains.
  • Copper helps in formation of new cells, iron absorption, and synthesizing phospholipids that are essential for myelin (nerve coating) formation.
  • Copper is widely known as brain stimulant.
  • Copper has anti-microbial properties.
  • Copper has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in arthritis and other inflammatory pains.
  • It regulates thyroid glands.
  • Copper also helps in iron and sugar absorption.
  • It is essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone strength, and immunity-building.
  • Honey, beans, whole wheat grains, and green leafy vegetables all contain copper.
  • Copper helps to maintain digestive health.
  • Ayurveda recommends water from a copper jug to balance all the three doshas.
  • Wish to lose weight? Drink tamra jal (water stored in copper jug), which will regulate your fat.


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    • profile image

      Ensiya 21 months ago

      I have the same query as Mr.Daksh.please reply. Also I want to know that copper turns black very fast n is it safe to have water from a bottle or vessel that has turned black from inside?

    • profile image

      Daksh 22 months ago

      I have a question regarding this. I am 36, my wife 33 and my son is 8 yrs old. I know storing water overnight in a copper vessel and drinking it, is very good for health. But can we drink water from a copper bottle every time? I have been planning

      to replace all the plastic bottles with copper bottles. Thanks much in advance. :)

    • profile image

      raza 23 months ago

      i wanted to ask that will storing water in a tin plated copper jug provide equal benefits? plz enlighten me

    • profile image

      Megha 23 months ago

      Can I store drinking water in a copper vessel for a longer period .. Say 4/5 days

    • profile image

      Steve Pisano 2 years ago

      I have found on Amazon a copper water bottle and my question is can I drink from the water bottle all day and not get to much copper or should I put it in the copper bottle over night then transfer it to a stainless steel water bottle for the day with ice.

    • profile image

      Sean 2 years ago

      Hi. Thank you for the informative article. I have a question. I have an antique electric copper urn. Could I use this to store natural spring water for an extended period? It holds 12 liters, so would hold a weeks supply of drinking water for me.Would this present a health problem, being in the copper for so long? Thank you.

    • profile image

      AWADHESH KUMAR TIWARI 2 years ago

      as per my knowledge, water containing chloride, reacts with copper and produces cupric/ cuprus chloride. cuprus chloride which is toxic causes irritation in internal organs and inhalation is injurious to health. cam somebody suggest me upto what extent the reaction takes place?? is it beneficial for chlorinated water

    • profile image

      pulkit 2 years ago

      My father is of 43yrs of age and suffering from diabetes is it safe for him to drink water from copper vessel in which water is kept at night and drink in morning

    • profile image

      jo 3 years ago

    • profile image

      iqbal 3 years ago

      Source: different websites,

      copper required by body is 1mg per day.

      if we take 2ltr water per day it supplies around 190 micro gram copper. This amount is much less than 1mg per day requirement.

    • profile image

      Ambika 3 years ago

      Thank u for your advice its very useful to all, pls clarify how much water drinks in a day, always storing & drinks its cause any harm full to our body pls clarify my doubt .

    • profile image

      prit Patel 3 years ago

      I am baffled to believe that the ro water will cause any adverse effect or will have the same effect as normal water.My perception is that ro water should have thesameeffect on the body as nomad someone can guide.

    • profile image

      Robin Winslow 3 years ago

      This is dangerous advice. It does seem to be true that most people don't get quite enough copper, but from what we do know about the effects of copper poisoning (it causes diarrhea, nausea, oxidation and might even contribute to Alzheimer's) it's not worth risking getting too much.

      Mike Massen quoted this article:

      but he missed, or just ignored, the following passage under "copper excess":

      "Distinctions have emerged from studies that copper excess factors are different in normal populations versus those with increased susceptibility to adverse effects and those with rare genetic diseases.[9][59] This has led to statements from health organizations that could be confusing to the uninformed. For example, according to a U.S. Institute of Medicine report,[75] the intake levels of copper for a significant percentage of the population are lower than recommended levels."

      It then goes on to explain all the potential dangers of risking having excess copper in your diet.

    • profile image

      vignesh 3 years ago

      Thank you Sir But I have doubt. Is this used to reduce weight

    • profile image

      dixitsatish 3 years ago

      can milk be kept in copper glass for 1 to 2 hours and drink

    • profile image

      Rajeev T 3 years ago

      Some of the additional docs on the use of vessel...

    • profile image

      v k rao 3 years ago

      Sonia I have also the same problem that how much u shoul take....some are telling that take it in morning only...someare telling that u can take it for whole day...some are telling that take a break of15 days after every 3 months of regular use...

    • profile image

      Sonia 3 years ago

      So how much should I drink a day, I just bought a pitcher so is it safe tho drink a pitcher a day? I'm not real clear how much is enough and how much is too much. Thanks for the clarification.

    • profile image

      Amit 3 years ago

      I see some oil like layer on the surface top of water in my copper pot. What is this? any contaminations? I keep RO water in pot.

    • profile image

      Naina 3 years ago

      I know that drinking water stored in copper vessel is good but, now i came to know how, its very good to know this. I would like to know shall i use this water for kids who 3 years? if yes i can start for them.

    • profile image

      Mahesh 3 years ago

      Can you use all kind of copper vase or is there a special kind of copper to store water in it?

      Where to buy the right copper vase ?

      Greetings Mahesh from Holland

    • profile image

      Ter16 4 years ago

      So its possible to get copper toxicity by using copper jug/pitcher in long term? I read that only use copper pitcher to hold drinking water and not juices due to the acidity. If we are using 100% pure copper pitcher to hold hot water.... or even boiling water with copper cookware does it cause copper to corrode? Copper oxide glaze on cups used for hot liquid might also be a concern, as well as copper pipes for conveying water to the home... are they all safe? How do we know if our copper ware in unlined or not? Do you know?

    • profile image

      vin 4 years ago

      To avoid copper toxicity, give 15 days break for every 3 months of drinking from copper jug.

    • profile image

      Mike Massen 4 years ago

      Have been looking at this for a while & as part of studies in Food Science at Curtin University. I have taken high doses for 3 months at a time and *not* had any so called toxic symptoms but, have noticed improved dream states re vivid & more lucid dreams, less reliance on anti-anxiety meds and better thermal regulation. ie. Can sleep in cold weather with less covers and in nude. Less infections, skin grazes & cuts heal faster etc

      Here are a few links worthy of checking:-

      Low copper allows receptors to be overstimulated & die

      Copper kills germs

      Copper makes prions more stable so they don't cause disease

      A Case for the Role of Copper Deficiency in "Mad-Cow" Disease

      Copper on the Brain

      Copper inactivates a virus

      Including more copper in your everyday diet could be good for your heart

      And especially, look at the bit about homeostasis re amounts necessary !

    • profile image

      Aparnadevi 4 years ago

      thankyou for the information, then information inspires to use copper utensils for gaining health.

    • profile image

      ragini 5 years ago

      Hello sir,

      kya yeh lekoriaa ki problem ko solve kar sakda hai

    • profile image

      Pi 5 years ago

      Awesome article and I totally agree that drinking from copper vessels are the best way to drink water. Considering the fact that my mother is pretty much never sick. But anyway, GREAT article! :D

    • profile image

      HOLLY 6 years ago

      Is drinking water stored overnight in copper pot dangerous for young children (10 years and older?). My son has vitiligo and was hoping the additional copper would help restore color to his skin but don't want to endanger his health

    • profile image

      artylove 7 years ago

      Hi Rasmi, it should help as the water is great detox. Good Luck! Share your experience.

    • profile image

      Rasmi Ranjan Nayak 7 years ago

      Hello Sir,

      I just wanted to know, whether drinking water from copper vessel will fight with my acne problem?

      What else I need to do to get rid from my acne problem?

    • profile image

      artylove 7 years ago

      Thanks Deborah. Wish you good health. Did you purchase the pitcher online?

    • profile image

      deborah 7 years ago

      thank you for an excellent article on the benefits of drinking from a copper vessel.I just purchased a copper pitcher.

    • profile image

      arty 7 years ago

      That's really nice kitty. Where are you based? In India ironically it is all getting in plastic containers. What to do....getting clean filter water is a problem. Yet other than metros people do use earthen pots for cooling water

    • profile image

      kitty 7 years ago

      At out home we still store drinking water in age old copper pot, one good thing is water is naturally cool during summers!!

    • profile image

      Vin.. 8 years ago

      I had tried Copper vessel for drinking water as a kid. Now after reading this article, I guess I should start again. :)


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