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Shoulder Support

Updated on July 23, 2009

A shoulder support is ideal for those participating in sports activities who often circum to acute or chronic shoulder injuries, such as dislocation or muscle strain. Supports are often in a neoprene material, which is a type of synthetic rubber. A fabric that's soft, pliable, and strong as well as offering heat retaining properties. Shoulder and back supports are seen as a single shoulder (left or right) or double shoulder design.

With the ideal fitting these shoulder supports will remain in place, without slipping, for the whole time that its being worn, whether that's for an half-hour, two or three hours or much longer - these no need to be concerned about these straps falling off the shoulder at unexpected moments. Features to a shoulder support brace or strap includes an ability to add a cold or hot pack for therapeutic heat compression and retention, Velcro straps for ease in adjusting, and a hands free thermal wrap. Cold therapy is able to benefit a sports person due to its ability to block pain, reduce swelling and intensify the healing process.

One popular brand is the Vulkan shoulder support, with single and double straps, all designed for the ultimate in support, heat, and compression - all to prevent soft tissues injuries or to assist in the healing process after an injury. All Vulkan straps feature an innovative lining, which is able to eliminate excess sweat for near normal conditions. This all helps in the recovery process.

In addition, a Sully shoulder support is another stabilizer to restrict movement in accordance to an individual’s specific requirements, with controlled assistance in the ideal areas for continued natural flow of muscles and joints. Constructed in neoprene and Velcro, and perfectly suited to those competing in sporting activities.

In addition to the straps for sports related injuries, there is another common support - and that's a camera shoulder support. These sophisticated platforms offer hands-free operation of a camera or camcorder, with a high degree of control and stability. All very easy to use, able to take camera's at 15lbs maximum weight, and equally suited to an amateur or professional user.

Shoulder supports offer that extra protection and support for one or both shoulders throughout a training routine, exercise or when participating in a sporting event. Variable compressions can be achieved with the tightness of the strap to alleviate stains and stresses. Some of these straps can be on the bulky side, although it’s able to maintain the shoulder in the position it belongs.


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