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"Shrink your Prostate!?" What you Need to Know.

Updated on April 21, 2010

Prostate enlargement, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia in medical terminology, is common among older men. It is an irritating issue but is rarely harmful, in spite of this most men wish to shrink prostate glands if at all possible. The major setback that men deal with from BPH is urgent urination. You should never ignore the symptoms of an enlarged prostate because they could indicate prostate cancer.

Struggles urinating are by far the principal inconvenience for men with an enlarged prostate. This can entail a weak stream, starting and stopping while urinating, difficulty starting and the need to go frequently and urgently.

Other symptoms might be urinating while asleep, blood in your urine, kidney stones and other kidney issues. Just one half of the men who have an enlarged prostate experience symptoms that are even intense enough to to be felt. In many cases, symptoms will even out or the enlarged prostate shrinks.

Causes and Treatment

An enlarged prostate gland is merely a natural side effect of the male aging process. For some men, unfortunately, this natural function of aging leads to prostate cancer. The 2 central causes of prostate cancer are, no surprises here, aging and bad eating habits. Studies prove that diets heavy in fats from meat and deficient in essential vitamins and minerals can lead to cancers like prostate cancer.

Conventional treatments to cause shrink prostate are medications and surgical procedures. These are voluntary if you merely have BPH but are recommended if you are stricken with prostate cancer. Medications that shrink hormone levels in the body, along with Alpha blockers that sedate muscles surrounding the prostate, are a very accepted combination.

Highest Rates of Prostate Cancer Worldwide


Getting an annual prostate examine, which is preformed via the rectum, is the greatest way to monitor your prostate health. Even if your BPH is simply benign, it is still critical to watch your prostate on a routine basis.

Ways to Shrink Prostate gland and Manage BPH

  • Discontinue drinking liquids after 7:00PM
  • Minimize how many alcoholic and caffeinated beverages you have in a day
  • At night get up and urinate as soon as the urge hits, once done stay a minute and try again
  • Try to escape sitting down for long periods of time
  • Cut down the amount of fatty meat you have

Luckily, most enlarged prostate glands are not dangerous, simply aggravating. Simple changes to your lifestyle can greatly shrink prostate glands. Often an enlarged prostate is just monitored since surgery and prescriptions can cause even more problems on top of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

Even if you just suspect an enlarged prostate is the reason for your symptoms, always consult with a healthcare professional so that you can be evaluated for prostate cancer.

You can find out more articles about what to do to shrink prostate and critical men's health problems.


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    • profile image

      FindingYourPeace 4 years ago

      Thanks for an interesting hub. A consequence of BPH if it is untreated is eventual blockage of the urethra and this can lead to severe stress. It is good to see a doctor long before you get to this stage.