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Shun The Low-Fat Mentality

Updated on January 3, 2015

It is unfortunate that people have become fat-phobic in the recent decades. This has resulted in what is called the low-fat mentality. This mentality in people perhaps increases only the bank balances of those dietitians who make all possible efforts in reinforcing this phobia. The fact is low-fat diets can cause several health issues also.

Fat is one of the most essential nutrients that is required for human health. But there is a wrong notion in the minds of people that saturated fat is "the villain" that gets deposited in their arteries. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition emphatically says that there is no evidence to prove that saturated fats increase the risks of stroke or coronary heart diseases.

Without realizing that fat is essential for maintaining good health, many people opt for low-fat alternatives by shunning every type of fat. But it cannot be said that these people are not prone to be affected by diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, etc. This is because they deprive themselves of a very important nutrient. These people should understand that certain fats are very much essential for maintaining good health and these fats can help them in their weight loss efforts as well. These people should judiciously combine food groups that contain both proteins and fats. At the same time, they must reduce refined low-fat carbohydrates. Such a diet will help them achieve the weight loss results they desire to have.

The Efficacy Of Seeds And Nuts

Seeds and nuts can help in achieving weight loss. Firstly, they are low glycemic. Raw nuts like almonds and walnuts and seeds such as sunflower, flax and pumpkin will effectively suppress appetite so people can succeed in their weight loss efforts. It is true nuts contain high amounts of calories but the process of metabolizing of nuts is much different from what it is with low-fat carbs. Experts say this is because healthy saturated and monounsaturated fats are perfectly distributed in nuts. Further, seeds and nuts are low in glycemic index and hence, they will not contribute to spikes in blood sugar levels. Researchers have found that if people eat nuts every alternate day, they will not be affected by diabetes.

Vitamin B-12

A sensible diet for weight loss should contain Vitamin B-12 also called Cobalamin. So, those who wish to lose weight should add fortified soy and fortified cereals, milk and yogurt to their daily diets.

DHA Component And Weight Loss Efforts

As pointed out earlier, saturated fats do not cause heart diseases. The real culprit is trans fat. Trans fats are artificial fats and they increase incidence of heart attacks by 25%. If people eat foods that contain DHA component, they can drastically reduce the risks of heart diseases. Seeds and Nuts and ALA-rich oils like olive oil, canola oil, Soybean oil, etc. contain DHA and they must find a place along with green leafy vegetables in the diets of those who desire to lose weight.


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