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Shuttle off to Buffalo

Updated on June 19, 2014
Chelsea welcomes us aboard
Chelsea welcomes us aboard | Source

Our Shuttle at Treeo

Treeo has a shuttle bus that can take people around to doctor appointments, hair appointments, shopping, etc. Our biggest outing is on Fridays when we take a trip to a nearby but fascinating place.

Marie and Anita looking at fish
Marie and Anita looking at fish | Source

Bridal Veil Falls

My first excursion on the Treeo shuttle was to Bridal Veil Falls. It is a short jump up Provo Canyon in Utah.It is a 607 foot-tall double cataract which is beautiful to see. I have a lot of history with that place, but I wanted to go again. the first time I saw Bridal Veil Falls was in the fall of 1960 when my parents brought me to school at BYU. I have been there many times since.

Now there is a scenic trail along the river where I could ride my electric scooter.It was delightful to enjoy the early spring sunshine and see the greenery that had been dozing all winter. My friends strolled about and enjoyed the fish in the pond at the base of the waterfall.

The history of Bridal Veil Falls is interesting. As I mentioned, I was there in 1960. It was a pristine water fall with no accouterments at the time. In 1967 a small, six passenger aerial tramway was built . It would take visitors to a restaurant at the top of the fall. The tram was destroyed twice by avalanches. After the major one in 1996, the tram was not rebuilt. There had been a tram visitor center and gift shop at the base of the falls, but that was destroyed , too.In July 1998 a fire burned the ruins and very little remains.

Next Stop: Park City


Long before Park City became a world class mountain resort and venue for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, it was famous as a silver mining town, and boasts a lively and colorful past. Founded by prospectors in the late 1860's, Park City continued to mine silver until the early 1970's. The mining company, Park City Consolidated Mines, started the ski business in 1963, when they built the first lifts on what was then called Treasure Mountain. The Park City area now has three world class resorts: Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and the Canyons Resort. (

Main Strret
Main Strret | Source
Mangelson Bear
Mangelson Bear | Source
Leeann at Park City
Leeann at Park City | Source

Cruising the Shops

Chelsea left us off at the top of the street and said she would meet us at the bottom. Two of us were in scooters and the sidewalks were narrow. Nevertheless we navigated quite well and began visiting some of the many art galleries and jewelry shops. We quickly determined that anything displayed here was out of our price range, but we loved seeing them, anyway.

We were particularly stunned by the Mangelsen Photo Gallery. The up close and personal photos of wildlife were exquisite. I maneuvered my scooter through the sharp turns of the gallery just to be able to see it all.

Jewelry shops were equally exquisite, showing gems in imaginative settings. There was a shop that displayed many forms of fossils. I asked where they came from and was told that they had been collected from all over the world. They were fascinating. I also saw beautiful geodes, some very huge.

We checked the menus outside the restaurants, but couldn't agree on any one in particular. The were quite pricey, too.

When it came time to board the buss we couldn't find Chelsea. The confusion lay in the fact that the "the bottom of the street " could be interpreted in many different ways. We waited a while outside a bookstore until I saw the shuttle going the wrong way up the street from us. Luckily, we had Chelsea's phone number and after a short time were reunited.

We ended up going to Burger King for lunch! All in all it was a fun and adventurous trip.

Me, Anita, Mary and Leeann at the entrance to the shark tunnel
Me, Anita, Mary and Leeann at the entrance to the shark tunnel | Source

The Living Planet Aquarium

The Living Planet Aquarium is located in Draper, Utah. It is the ninth largest aquarium in America. It is 136,000 square feet with 74 exhibits. thousands of animals live in 6000,000 gallons of water, here.

There is a 15,000 gallon shark tank that features a walk through tunnel. This is a most popular spot, as it is fascinating to watch the sharks swim overhead.

The penguin habitat is nearly 90,000 gallons and is home to 50 birds from three species.

There are three touch pools, a South American venue with exotic birds, and a special display of the Utah desert.

Our Trip

Once again, we boarded the trusty shuttle and travelled to Draper to take in the sights of the new aquarium. The exhibits were fascinating, but the one that "took the cake" was the shark tank. It is a tunnel and we were on the underside of it, looking up. Once inside the tunnel many visitors, including ourselves, opted to stay a while. The sharks roamed free overhead as children and adults alike watched in awe.

We had a very enjoyable time and capped it off with lunch at the Chuck Wagon restaurant.

Should You be Interested...

If you think you might be interested in Treeo, either for yourself or a loved one, come on by for a tour. We are on 250 E. Center St., Orem, Ut. And……tell 'em Carol Sent 'ya!


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