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Sick kids and Class

Updated on May 12, 2015

So your kid just came in your room at 5 a.m, sneezed in your face and coughed until you woke up. You take his/her temperature and find your child has a fever, but there aren't any tears? Your child isn't even complaining about not feeling well, and they are scheduled to go to gymnastics class today. They WANT to go, and it's only an hour long so what's the harm? Maybe some exercise will help.

As a coach i've gotta say, I understand. I love my students, they're hilarious, adorable, and can get away with anything. That being said, sometimes, they are just plain exhausting! So when they have the sniffles but don't want to miss class, and get upset at the idea that they might be able to go, I understand why you don't want to argue with them. As someone who deals with sick children all day, I really wish you would stand by that initial instinct to keep them home.

When you bring a sick child to class, whether it's a cold, rash, "just a cough," or the worst… lice, your exposing the other kids and the staff to your child ailment. Other kids will get sick and have to miss class, or the coach (myself), could get sick.

Most importantly, your child won't get the most from that class. Kids that are sick just don't have as much fun, and lets face it these classes you're sending them to are expensive. Why send them to a class they won't have fun in? Isn't that the point of spending the big bucks?

Whether it's a cough, runny nose, cold, or rash, don't send your child to class. You're spreading the virus.

Thank you!

- The person who keeps getting sick from "just the sniffles," or "just a cough."


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