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Side Effects of Biofreeze

Updated on October 4, 2011

What Are the Side-Effects of BioFreeze?

Biofreeze is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for arthritis. Unlike other types of pain-relievers, Biofreeze utilizes menthol as a means of providing temporary respite to patients. Even though Biofreeze is known to trigger side-effects, they are insignificant in comparison to the numerous benefits they provide users. Hence, before using biofreeze, you need to exercise extreme caution. A majority of users have not reported any kind of issue after using Biofreeze. Nonetheless, continuous application can trigger a number of side effects.

As revealed earlier, persistent use of Biofreeze as a pain reliever can cause a couple of unpleasant side-effects in individuals utilizing the cream. What’s more is that, if the pain-reliever is not utilized as directed by a physician, it can cause some serious issues. Listed below, are some of the side-effects triggered by continuous use of Biofreeze.


Unknown to a majority of consumers is that when Biofreeze is utilized for more than two days, it can trigger a number of ailments in the user, for example, nausea, sore throat, coughs, problems in breathing as well as high fever.


A couple of consumers, particularly persons with sensitive skin or have allergies tend to experience restricted soreness as well as the inflammation of the skin. Normally, the inflammation is supposed to disappear after about 20 minutes. However, if the irritation is still there after 20 minutes, you need to soak in a bath prepared from baking powder. If there is still no change, you need to consult a doctor.


One of the main reason why medications trigger allergic responses in users is because of the ingredients making up the medicine. Biofreeze utilizes two main components to provide temporary respite in users, these are, menthol and camphor. As such, if you know you are allergic to these two ingredients, then you need to seek for an alternate pain reliever.


The main reason why Biofreeze tends to provide a fast temporary relief amongst users is because it utilizes a cooling effect. Hence, you should not utilize a heating pad in the location cured using Biofreeze, since you will not be able to precisely assess the exact temperature of the problem location.


Biofreeze is a poisonous substance and should never be consumed orally. Menthol which is the main component making up the medication can trigger poisoning when swallowed in huge amounts. Therefore, if you have accidentally ingested Biofreeze, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Do not be tempted into inducing vomiting as a number of people do after swallowing a poisonous substance.
Nonetheless, it’s crucial to point out that the reactions caused by Biofreeze are in fact minor when contrasted with the immense advantages you stand to gain by using the cream as a pain-reliever. After all, all medications are known to trigger side-effect, and Biofreeze Side Effects is not an exception.


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    • profile image

      Marie 3 years ago

      Warning! Do not sit on cold leather seats after applying biofreeze. It hurts!!!!!!!!