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Dramamine Side Effects

Updated on April 5, 2018
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What is Dramamine used for?

Dramamine is an OTC (over-the-counter) drug, which is used in prevention and treatment of various ailments caused by motion sickness, like dizziness, vomiting, nausea and vertigo. It is available in the form of tablet and liquid.

Dramamine Is a Motion Sickness Medicine


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What are the side effects of Dramamine?

There are many side effects of this medicine. Some patients have suffered from allergic reactions (like difficulty in breathing; difficulty in swallowing; and swelling of the lips, tongue or face) after consuming Dramamine. It is very important stop using the medicine and to visit a certified physician if the patient is affected by any of the above mentioned side effects.

Dramamine Is America's Number One Over-the-Counter Treatment for Motion Sickness


Dramamine May Cause Dizziness

Dramamine has other side effects. It is known to cause dizziness in some patients. Some people have experienced blurred vision after consuming this drug. Drowsiness is a common side effect of this medicine. Doctors advise people to avoid driving after consuming this drug. It is also not advisable to operate heavy machinery after the intake of this medicine.


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Dramamine may cause insomnia. Some people reported to have suffered from nervousness after using this medicine. Dramamine is known to cause dry mouth, nose and throat. Decreased apatite is another side effect of this medicine. There are cases of people suffering from diarrhea after using this medicine. This drug may create a sense of excitation in children. Some doctors do not prescribe dramamine for kids.

Dramamine may cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Do not expose yourself to the sun, sunlamps, or tanning booths until you know how your body reacts to this medicine. Use a sunscreen or protective clothing if you need to be be outside for a prolonged period.

Sailors' Secret Premium Ginger | The Natural Remedy for Motion Sickness 36 Capsules/250 MG
Sailors' Secret Premium Ginger | The Natural Remedy for Motion Sickness 36 Capsules/250 MG

I found this to be an excellent natural remedy for motion sickness.


Dramamine is known to cause double vision. Some people have experienced difficulty in urinating after using this drug. It may also cause irregular heart beat. Nausea is another known side effect of Dramamine. Some people have suffered from nausea and vomiting after using this medicine. The medicine may cause a sense of restlessness in some people.

People affected by glaucoma, enlarged prostate, kidney problems, liver ailments, heart diseases and asthma should consult a certified physician before using Dramamine. The doctor may either reduce the dramamine dosage or may even ask the patient to not use the medicine, based on further diagnosis. It is advisable to avoid consuming alcohol while using this medicine as it may worsen its side effects.

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It is always advisable for pregnant women to consult their gynecologist before using this medicine, even though it is not known to cause harm to the pregnant mother or the baby inside her womb. Mothers breast feeding their baby should avoid using Dramamine. It is not advisable to use this medicine to treat children under two years. It is also not advisable to use this medicine in conjunction with antibiotics which may cause ototoxicity.

Safe and Natural Alternatives to Dramamine

Green apple, mugwort, acupressure bands, licorice, black horehound, ginger, lemon, olive and peppermint are some natural alternatives to Dramamine. They are effective against motion sickness.


  • Dramamine is an OTC medicine.
  • Dramamine is used to treat motion sickness.
  • Dramamine is available in the form of liquid and tablet.
  • Swollen face is one of the side effects of Dramamine.
  • People with kidney problems should consult their doctor before taking Dramamine.

Medicines for motion sickness
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Ginger candy
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Laughter is the only medicine, without side effects.

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