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It's not a excuse, it's the side effect's from my health..

Updated on November 19, 2014

My view of my health side effect's

I decided to explain some of my side effects of my multiple autoimmune disorders or disease.which one's are still being determined by my doctors now.. One is I'm a type 1.5 diabetes and or called "type 3 diabetes" . which mean's I have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. just had blood test doc gotta confirm it tomorrow.. I believe i am because my symptoms follow along this type of diabetes. This also means I get side effect's from all 3 type's.. understand please somethings I do now and I've done in the past was completely out of my control.. I've lived for year's as a diabetic and never knew it till this year . they say since i was a child..I walked into my doc's office this march with 800 plus blood sugar level ( B.S.).. because I've lived so long with no treatment and been living with dangerously high and dropout low levels of B.S. also known as a (diabetic episodes). it has affected my brain in many negative ways.. I will explain some of my side effect's..

Blanking out in the middle of a talking? It's suggests that sugar forms free radicals in the brain's membrane and compromises nerve cells' ability to communicate.This could have repercussions in how well I remember instructions, process ideas, and handle my moods.

Elevated blood glucose damages blood vessels, and this blood vessel damage is the major cause of vascular diabetes complications, such as retinopathy. The vessels in the brain can also become damaged by hyperglycemia, and there is evidence that this damage contributes to a progressive decline in brain function.what i have researched is that Studies on those who have lived with diabetes for many years have found deficits in learning, memory, motor speed, and other cognitive functions. Frequent exposure to high glucose levels likely diminishes mental capacity, as higher HbA1C levels have been associated with a greater degree of brain shrinkage. Even in those without diabetes, higher sugar is associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function. These effects are thought to be due to a combination of hyperglycemia, hypertension, resistance.It is not surprising that type 2 diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. people with Alzheimer's have also been know to have"type 3 diabetes" . It has been discovered that the links between insulin resistance, high-fat diets, and Alzheimer's disease. In fact, it's suggests Alzheimer's is a metabolic disease, one in which the brain's ability to use glucose and produce energy is damaged. To paraphrase, it's like having diabetes in the brain.

Sugar’s harmful effects on the brain don’t only occur in the long term; during a single instance of hyperglycemia, slowed cognitive function and deficits in attention and memory have been reported.Hyperglycemia also affects mood states severally; type 2 diabetic patients experienced increased feelings of sadness and anxiety during acute hyperglycemia. In healthy young people as well, a brain imaging study has suggested that in a hyperglycemic state, the brain’s ability to process emotion is compromised. Sugar has damaging effects on cognition and my mood. To sum it up excess sugar in the brain impairs both our cognitive skills and self-control; throughout the body..

This is why i slur my speech or stutter and stumble through my word's.. why I can't remember thing's.. why one min.. i'm happy and fine and the next i'm irate or mad for no reason at all.. why my body shake's so severely it looks like i'm having a sezior's. It's why my spelling and math have went down hill..why i'm so small and unable to gain weight.. because my body slowly eat's me it's not worth it to be this small. I would love to gain and keep some weight.some of what I explain above is what i get to look forward to in the future.. so what you're seeing in me now is just the start of what's in store for me in the future. I may look healthy but i'm not.. so please know I don't mean to be like this.. I try so hard to control myself but sometimes I just can't..I need ya all to understand so that my health don't damage our relationship I have with you.. TNT


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