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8 Signs Of Early Pregnancy: And Homemade Pregnancy Tests To Try

Updated on December 29, 2019

So you look at the calendar and you realize your period is late! You run franticly around in circle's wondering if it's actually possible if you could be pregnant. You even sit and count the days since conception would of occured. And OMG, they match up! But do your symptom's match up with the early pregnancy symptoms? Continue reading to find out!

Signs Of Early Pregnancy

  1. Nausea/Vomiting- This is due to the raidly rising estrogen and progesterone levels in your body.
  2. Swollen and Tender Breasts- They feel alot more sensitive than how they would feel with a regular ol' period. This is due to hormone changes, the breasts become sore,tender and sometimes you can feel them tingle.
  3. Fatigue- Is caused from the Progesterone level's increasing in your body.
  4. Craving's And/Or Food Aversion's- This is due to the increased amount of estrogen in the body. It's common to be repulsed by food's or to have strong craving's for certain foods.
  5. Spotting or Cramping- When the embryo implant's into the uterine wall, often Implantation bleeding occurs. It resemble's spotting, and it occur's around the same time you should be starting your period.
  6. Mood Swings- During early pregnancy you have to deal with a flood of hormones, this can cause you to be unusually emotional.
  7. Dizziness- This is due to blood vessel's dialating and your blood pressure dropping.
  8. Constipation- This is common, it's caused from the increased amount of Progesterone in your body. It causes food to pass through your intestines slower than normal.

Its Positive: Whats Next?


First off, congratulations on the positive pregnancy test! Whether the pregnancy was planned or not, it still is a blessing!

For many people once that big fat positive shows up, it can make it feel like someone punched you right in the stomach or even heart. Then it seems like there are dozen's of emotions that started showing themselves in such a short period of time.

Before freaking out about the fact that you may be pregnant, you should always get a second opinion from your doctor. Although, the tests that are in the doctor's offices are not much different then the ones that you find in the local dollar store. Most pregnancy test are pretty much the same. They all work by measuring whether there is HCG in the urine. If there is, a line in the TEST area will appear.

And although some women want to believe it, there really isnt something called a fake positive. Unless the test you bought was completely flawed.

Anyways, like I was stating before, if you get a positive pregnancy test, you should make a doctor appointment and have them do a urine pregnancy test as well as the blood test.

In the mean time, try and relax and remember if you are in deed pregnant, it really is a blessing.

Why Prenatal Vitamins Are Super Important During Pregnancy


Prenatal Vitamins are important to help ensure that any and all nutritional gaps are covered. Most people dont pay attention to the food and drinks that they consume,which they dont realize how unbalanced there diet actually is.

If you are someone who lives off of fast food and microwavable meals, then there is a very good chance that you are malnourished when it comes to vitamins and minerals. This may be okay for you, but what about your mini you?

The four most important vitamins during pregnancy are: Folic acid, Iodine, Iron and Calcium.

No matter what, you are pregnant, then you should be taking a prenatal vitamin, this helps with the health of your baby. But which one?

Honestly, the best prenatal vitamins are the one's that your OB/GYN prescribes for you after you have been established as a pregnant patient. Not only do they have everything you and your baby need, the amount of each vitamin and mineral is higher than over the counter vitamins. And they are formulated for your body to handle them better especially if you suffer from moderate to severe morning sickness throughout the day.

Just For Fun: Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Fizzing result after a homemade bleach pregnancy test.
Fizzing result after a homemade bleach pregnancy test. | Source

I have had 4 beautiful bundles of joy. Two boys and two girls. I love holding on to every memory possible when it comes to my children, this includes the very first pregnancy test from when I found out they were about to come in to my world and transform things.

I have tried all the tests, the one with just 2 lines, the positive or negative one and the one with the digital results. I have also, just for fun, have tried the "homemade pregnancy tests". These types of tests are the ones where you get something like a flower and pee on it and it changes, its supposed to mean something.Or the one where you add a chemical, if it fizzes, then your prego.

Just for fun, for entertainment purposes, below you will find the homemade pregnancy tests that you can try. They are said to work almost as well as the ones you buy in the stores.


Bleach is said to react to the HCG levels in your urine. It's supposed to cause the bleach to fizz if there is in deed more than 25 mlU/ml HCG. That is the same amount that a regular pregnancy test would show a positive. When I say regular, Im talking about the one's that are supposed to be done after your period is a week late.


  1. You can use a SOLO type cup for this test, unless washing it multiple times doesn't bother you.
  2. Fill the cup up half way with bleach. Make sure testing area is well ventilated.
  3. Then fill other half with your urine.
  4. Let sit for a few minutes, if it begins to fizz then it is considered POSITIVE.


For this test you need the leaves, not the actual weed. And it's probably best if you do the test at night because sunlight can actually mess up your results.


  1. Pick about 20 leaves from a Dandelion plant.
  2. Place in a plastic container. It may be best to put them in a container that you are planning on throwing away since you are going to be peeing in it and all.
  3. Use a plastic cup that is disposable to urinate it. Then pour it into the plastic container with the dandelion leaves in it. Make sure they are completely covered and soaked in the urine.
  4. Wait about 10 minutes then check for results. If you see that there are red blister's on the leaves then it is considered to be a POSITIVE result.


The vinegar is said to also react with the HCG levels if they are present in the urine. This one should be done atleast one day after your missed period.


  1. Pour vinegar into a plastic cup you can throw away. Fill it up about halfway
  2. Use another cup to urinate in, then pour it into the cup of vinegar.
  3. If it changes color and/or fizzes its supposed to be a POSITIVE result.


For this test, you just need to pee in a cup and add it to a bottle of PINESOL. My suggestion is to pour a little bit of the PINESOL out before adding your urine. You should wait about 10 minutes to see if it changes colors or not. If it does it supposed to mean its a POSITIVE result.


For this test you should get a paper plate, toothpaste, cup and a somewhat full bladder. Make sure the toothpaste is the white kind and does not have bleach or whiting properties in it.

  1. Before anything else, open the toothpaste and put a good size glob of it on the paper plate. This is important so pay attention to the amount.
  2. Pee in a cup and slowly pour it on the toothpaste that is on the plate. If you have HCG in your urine, it will begin to turn to a blue color.


Make sure you use regular sugar, not powdered sugar.

  1. Fill a few cups of sugar into a bowl or container that you can throw away.
  2. Urinate in a cup and pour it into the container of sugar.
  3. If the sugar actually clumps up, then this is supposed to be a "POSITIVE" result. Otherwise the sugar would just dissolve.

What is the first thing you did when you noticed you had multiple "pregnancy like" signs?

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    • Liztalton profile image


      2 years ago from Washington

      I love how you added all the fun ways to see if your pregnant. Iv2 never tried them. I just used the standard pregnancy test, but I might try them with the next kiddo. Great article!


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