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Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy

Updated on July 9, 2011

There are so many things involved with pregnancy that confuse most women, but we hope to clear a few things up for you with this article.  The signs of pregnancy, how to deal with your first pregnancy, and the fears associated with it, how to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy, along with explaining the pregnancy calendar, and where you and your baby are developing through each trimester.

The signs of pregnancy aren't always there, and some people have given birth without ever even feeling symptoms of pregnancy.  While this is something associated with obesity, it is possible that you will be a couple of months along without ever even noticing that you are carrying a child inside of you.  If this is your first pregnancy though, you are going to be feeling different.  You may feel this before you even get close to your missed period, and are able to take the test.  You will be able to feel your body developing, getting ready for the change.  The biggest sign though of all, showing that you are more than likely pregnant, is your missed period.  This isn't a surefire way to tell you have conceived, because some people have awkward cycles.  Make sure you take a quality pre menstrual pregnancy test to ensure you really have conceived.

Maintaining the proper diet is also going to be key to having a healthy child birth. Ensuring that you get the proper amounts of water, your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, along with taking your prenatal vitamins, you are setting yourself up for the best chances at ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Your diet is going to have the biggest impact on your emotional mood swings, and the fears that will arise. If your body isn't working in tip, top shape, you are going to set yourself up to not be able to properly deal with the negative emotions as they come up. Being in the best shape physically and mentally will be your best preparation to making it through your first pregnancy, or even second or third for that matter. If you have given birth before, and didn't know this information with your first children, please don't feel guilty. Now that you do have this info though, please put it to good use!

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