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'Alarm bells' which suggest that a colleague might be on drugs

Updated on June 26, 2013

Love thy neighbor the scripture teaches us, as co-workers people must be there for each other. There is need to take care of each other at work. We should be in a position to tell whether our colleagues are taking drugs or not. We work with them every day so they should be like an open book to us. We should know their highs and lows.There are many signs to suggest that a workmate might be a 'disciple' of drugs. The indicators are there and for the purpose of this article I would group them into three categories namely physical signs, emotional signs and behavioral signs. Below are some of the tell- tale signs to watch for in order to try to deduce whether a colleague or colleagues are doing drugs. These attributes might be caused by other factors but in most cases the likelihood is that the colleague might be entertaining drugs.

Physical signs

Physical signs to show that a colleague is doing drugs are the eyes, they are always red,dilated and at most times have constricted pupils.The colleague's nose is always running.The colleague has no appetite.If offered food at lunch break, the individual refuses to eat and loses weight rapidly due to lack of a balanced diet and time to prepare hot meals.The skin colour of the individual becomes pale. The individual hardly takes a bath,he/she always put on the same dirty and smelly clothes. The individual who is on drugs does not comb his/her hair or brush his/her teeth - some teeth would be possibly missing in the mouth of the individual due to accidents which happen whilst the colleague is under the influence of drugs. In most cases the drug addict co -worker would have long and dirty nails due to lack of time to cut the long nails and maintain personal hygiene..

Emotional signs

The colleague quickly gets irritated and is not interested in interacting with other workers. He/she is a loner.If a joke is cracked the individual does not join in for a laugh.His/her concentration at work is minimal.The individual doesn't complete given tasks on time and is not motivated to work at all.The individual is always absent-minded and is not mentally ready for work. The individual can sometimes talk alone or shout on top of his voice for no apparent reason and is not in a hurry to complete assigned tasks.The individual may dance to music which is not there and sometimes laughs alone or suffer from hallucinations and panic attacks.He heads in the air and is always confused and runs late in everything he/she venture to do.The colleague is unpredictable and displays erratic behavior and suffers from mood swings - one moment the colleague might be quiet and moments later becomes hyper.The colleague displays a habit of swearing and saying out obscene words to work mates. Sporadic behavior change is part and parcel of his/her day - at one moment the individual thinks of self harm and doesn't feel confident of his/her personal appearance. If he/she looks into the mirror he/she sees a different person in the mirror and is always not pleased with his/her image being reflected by the mirror.

Behavioral signs

The individual gets broke soon after pay. His/ her money is spend on buying drugs or repaying pay day loans taken during the course of the month to feed his/her drug habits. He /she becomes a habitual gambler thinking that he/she may win a fortune and spoil himself /herself by buying drugs.The individual is always absent from work.During break time the individual doesn't mingle with others. Most of the time the colleague goes to the toilet.When a conversation is started the individual can't contribute sensibly, He/she has speech problems and is hesitant to contribute during a discussion.The colleague may start displaying anti- social behaviour such as searching other people's closets for cash and mobile phones to sale to buy booze and drugs. He/she may even start selling personal belongings such as watches and jewelry to co- workers to get fast buck to buy drugs.The affected colleague might even start a habit of asking for spare change from co-workers to feed his drugs habit.The affected colleague might start associating with drug addicts who always wait for him/her outside the gate at the work place - indeed birds of the same feathers flock together, it can easily be seen whether an individual is doing drugs through the caliber of associates. If the individual is paid a visit to his/her house by a workmate the house is always dirty and belongings are scattered everywhere.

A colleague who is on drugs can be aggressive to the extend of fighting with workmates or exchanging obscene words with the line manager.If one notes these behavior patterns in a colleague it is highly likely that the colleague might be on drugs and help must be sought before it is too late. Drugs are cancerous and suicidal they should be avoided at all cost, if colleagues are doing drugs try talking to them about the effects of drug taking before they spoil it for everyone. If they don't listen inform people trained to deal with drug addicts - a stitch in time saves nine, let us all join hands in fighting against drug abuse at work..


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