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Silent Migraines

Updated on January 26, 2010
Silent migraines are no less dangerous than regular migraines.
Silent migraines are no less dangerous than regular migraines.

Did you know that not all migraines come with headaches? In fact, up to 20% of migraine sufferers have dealt with something called a silent migraine. What are silent migraines. Silent migraines are migraines that do not come with headaches, but they instead manifest themselves through visual phenomena, like seeing an aura or seeing flashing lights. Silent migraines are more common in men than in women, which make them unusual in relation to other types of migraines, because usually more women are effected by migraines than men.

Treatment for silent migraines is basically the same as treatment for other types of migraines. It is very necessary to avoid some of the Common Migraine Triggers, and it is also necessary to avoid things like cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine.

If you are the type of person who has had migraines in the past, and you know what the symptoms of a migraine are, then you will probably be able to spot a silent migraine much more easily than somebody who has never had a migraine. Silent migraines are often misdiagnosed, simply because they are not exactly well-known, and doctors are not always aware of how common they are.

The biggest reason that silent migraines are not as well known as regular migraines is that there is no headache that goes with the silent migraines. Silent migraines are primarily known by the visual effects that they produce. Because there is no headache that goes with the silent migraine, it is often misdiagnosed, even by those who have already had regular migraines. So if you suspect that you are having a silent migraine, please talk to your doctor about it, because it is very possible that your doctor is misdiagnosing your silent migraine, and you do not want to have to live with a misdiagnosis.

Silent migraines are no less important to deal with than regular migraines, and I would recommend that you treat them as soon as possible. Best of luck to you and your migraine relief!


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    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      Thank you I was having very bad dizzyness and blurred vision.The Dr did some test which all came back fine. But when I went to the optomestrist and told him about whatwas happening

      he said I would of been sufferring from a silent headache. I have never heard of this so this information is very useful.