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Silicone Butt Injections

Updated on October 24, 2013

Real of Fake?

A Black Female Problem

Baby got (too much) Back! Here we go again with yet another dangerous trend in the Black community. All over North America a growing number of young Black women are choosing to enhance the size of their Butts with Silicone injections. While cosmetic alterations to ones physical appearance is certainly the choice of the individual I don’t believe that most of the women choosing to enlarge their Butts, some to deformed proportions, are making an informed decision before they decide to get dangerous chemicals injected into their bodies. I say this because there have been numerous examples of serious infections and even death resulting from botched procedures associated with Silicone Butt Injections.

How did this trend begin? At some time in the multi-million dollar cosmetic surgery’s history they figured out that the Buttocks like any other admired body part can be re-shaped and enhanced to be more appealing. Butt augmentation is now a common procedure performed by qualified cosmetic surgeons. It is however, a procedure that has racial as well as cultural appeal. What might be appealing to one person or Race might not be so appealing to another. Caucasians have traditionally preferred smaller buttocks while Blacks tend to favor larger ones. Caucasians tend to augment their Breasts; Asians alter their nose and Eyes, and Blacks their Butts.

It is a well known fact that most entertainers frequent Plastic Surgeons to maintain and/or enhance their physical appearance. Many female stars whose “assets” have been noted to dramatically change as their popularity grows will vehemently deny that they get their Butts Silicone enhanced but since most people know the dirty little secrets of the stars they are leery of such denials. They know that the best way to get attention is to also enhance their physical features. Most regular women do it for self esteem and to attract the opposite sex while some others do it for business purposes such as to become more popular as a Stripper or Model.

Bad Butt Implants

They know that it’s dangerous so why are they doing it?

The obvious problem with immolating Rap and Movie stars is that most average young Black women who try to do not have the resources that the stars do. Most will never be able to afford the costs of a qualified medical practitioner due to their educational and financial dispositions. As a result, many young Black women are resorting to using the services of underground unregulated bogus doctors. Some are having their friends inject them with non-medically approved Silicone. The result is a growing number of cases involving women who have developed serious infections that result in imputations, paralysis, and death.

Most Blacks, male and female carry serious psychological trauma within their psyche that has never been socially addressed. The history of slavery, colonization, and continued racial discrimination in society has resulted in a condition of self hate within the young. It is due to this unaddressed psychological trauma why most young Blacks act in a self destructive manner. For many Blacks that same self hate takes decades to come to term with, accept and replace with self pride.

Most of our children and young adults do not have enough self esteem to value their own bodies. Physically, our measure of beauty is defined by a European standard so we hate our own features. For over a hundred years Black women have been trying to fit into the European standard, mainly by straightening their hair, lightening their skin, and even purposefully selecting a mate with a lighter complexion. In recent years however, many conscious minded Black women have tried to fight the subconscious practice of hair Perming, preferring to go natural in hair and make-up.

Fight the Objectification of Self

With no real cultural history or identity of self the Black woman’s main social preoccupation is simply to fit into a system that does not value their looks. They therefore Perm their hair straight or weave in hair extensions to hide their “nappy” hair. They bleach their skin lighter and if they can afford it they get their noses and lips surgically reduced. The only thing that they have found pride in is the large Butt that they have inherited from their African Genes. In realizing that their Butt is their only natural appealing feature especially to the Black man whose mind has also become corrupted by European beauty, many Black women have re-focused their attentions to using their Butts as a tool.

Black women it’s time to stop the self destruction. We know that you have a mind of your own and you will do as you please but whatever you do please do it wisely. Do your research to become knowledgeable about the things you put into your body. Do your research to know if that doctor who promises to give you a big sexy Butt is actually qualified to perform medical surgery. Finally, consider not injecting yourself with Silicone at all. Do it the natural way with exercises or just accept your body as it is.


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      Ha 3 years ago

      This is probably just written by a jealous white girl. Black girls got assszz. Don't tell them to change it just because your boyfriend likes it more than your flat thing