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Simple Fat Loss Diet

Updated on October 17, 2015
The evolution of weight loss
The evolution of weight loss

Introduction To Eating For Weight Loss

The problem with being overweight is bothering more and more people. Stress, high speed of life and unhealthy food are the most common causes of being overweight for most of the people.

The best results are achieved with slow tempo, without sudden and extreme changes. Only in that way, you will simply provide healthy weight loss process and you will adopt healthy habits that will make you melt away the fat and lose weight in a long term. Sudden renunciation higher percentage of your normal meal menu will make you quickly lose weight, but the weight will be back just as you end the regime of diet and all will be lost and you will see that that weigh loss was just for a short term.

The Real McCoy Of Food Pyramids

The only one you'll need
The only one you'll need

Follow The Formula

Follow the simple formula: breakfast must be abundant, lunch less concrete, and dinner poor. Between the meals you can have little meals, such as snacks, fruits and vegetable, or drink some fresh milk or yogurt. And the most important rule for simple and healthy weight loss is not to starve, ever.

Two hard-boiled eggs, white cheese, yogurt and salad will fill you up, but not make you fat. If you are looking for an ally of weight loss, it's definitely the apple! This is the fruit hit - eat an apple for breakfast, two between meals or whenever you get peckish. Fiber will also help with digestion, and not only that apples are an excellent nutrient for the colon epithelia but also play an important role in protecting against colon cancer, a disease common in Western countries.

Avoid sweets and pasta that contains a lot of carbohydrates,. also, avoid alcoholic drinks that bring only empty calories and reduce the amount of salt you eat.

Eat your daily dose of protein. Proteins can be found both eggs and meat. Proteins help you feel full and are helping you to burn calories when exercise. Beside meat, fish is also rich with proteins, in addition to fish, which is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, this acid can also be found in low fat meat (chicken or turkey). Prepare it without oil with lots of green cooked vegetables. With meat and salads, avoid cream based sauces and mayonnaise, which are the enemies of your lines. Salad dressing with olive oil and apple vinegar, which enhances weight loss and fits the metabolism, it’s also incredibly tasty to boot!

The main suggestions for a simple diet are:

  • Do not eat carbohydrates with proteins and acid fruits at the same meal.

  • Keep the vegetables, salads and fruits as the main part of the menu.

  • Eat protein, starch and fat in small quantities.

  • Eat only whole grains, unprocessed starch, excluding refined and processed foods like white flour, white sugar and margarine.

  • Observe gap 4-4 and a half hours between meals of different types.

  • Vegetables (except potatoes) goes with every meal.This applies to all types of salads.

  • Consume at least 50% of fresh fruit and vegetables

What you need to avoid eating is junk food. In junk food we include:

  • sugar and all sweetened foods: cookies, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, soft drinks

  • white bread

  • chips, salty snacks

  • margarine and highly processed edible oil

  • all other food that is highly processed

A Simple Plan

After the talk of what you should and should not, plus how to organize the combinations of different food, we will present you a typical and simple diet plan for easy weight loss.

This diet is 5 meals per day, which is exclusively telling you at the start that it is healthy and that the results are for a long period of time.

According to the conducted research, people who eat at least 4 times a day were 45% less obese compared to those who have three or fewer meals during the day. There are many reasons for this. The first is that the digestion of food burns calories. In fact, a few hours immediately after consuming a meal rich in fiber, the number of calories needed to digest will be 15% higher. If your meal is rich with protein, your metabolic index will increase to 30%. Taking frequent small meals, every time you switch on the metabolic increase during the day and thus calorie burning leads to the highest point. Regular consumption of meals also reduces the level of hormones which are stored in fat deposits in your body. The first is insulin, which is activated when you consume heavy meals, but when eaten frequently by little, the level of insulin in fact is falling. Even more important is the fact that biting healthy snacks lowers cortisol levels. Known to encourage appetite, increases water retention and activates the storage of fat, cortisol is the major enemy of weight reduction. Eating small meals several times a day reduces the level of cortisol by 17% in just two weeks.

So frequent and smaller (and of course, elected) meals, you can quickly lose weight, and at the same time the body will be supplied with sufficient energy and nutritive. So with this diet plan you will remain/become healthy, slim and full of energy. If you retain fluid in the body, this diet will help you to push it out. To encourage this effect, turn up your daily fluid intake from two to four cups of green tea or water.

Does this reflect yourself?
Does this reflect yourself?


So you now have the basics of eating healthy and keeping weight loss as simple as possible when it comes to your diet, however I understand that it isn't always as easy as that, to just get on the health band wagon and change all of your bad habits in one go. Its a journey like everything else and that's where you've got to fall in love. Fall in love with the journey of your lifestyle change, take every day as it comes and when you fall off the wagon which believe me you WILL, just get back on it and focus on the end goal. Have a strong belief, a goal, a desire that you are working towards. Whatever you do, don't ever say that you HAVE to change, because you don't, make the choice that you WANT to change and have a strong enough reason for making that decision. When you are backed with the belief and the confidence that you are doing it for a strong positive reason and the fire you have lit under your motivation is strong, there is literally no stopping you from achieving your dietary goals.


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