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Simple Hair Loss Remedies

Updated on June 13, 2013

Few things in life can be as upsetting as losing your hair. Because, let’s face it, our hair is something we really care about. We spend countless hours washing it and grooming it and getting it cut and styled. We turn it different colors and we braid it and wear headbands and hats and barrettes to enhance it. And we spend a lot of money on our hair, women and men both. Shampoos and conditioners, home hair coloring kits, and other hair care products are billion dollar industries. So, given how important our hair is, it’s no wonder it can be so traumatic to lose it. And it can happen to both sexes too.

It is a good thing then that there are ways to stop hair loss and even reverse it. Over time, doctors, scientists, hair care experts, and just regular people have come up with effective hair loss remedies. Some of these remedies have to do with taking care of your hair, and your health, while some are different ways to treat your hair and your scalp to promote the return of hair and halt hair loss. Below are a number of hair loss remedies that have helped many people deal with this problem.

Some people prefer the no-hair look.  But for those that don't, there are several hair loss remedies out there.
Some people prefer the no-hair look. But for those that don't, there are several hair loss remedies out there.

Why You Lose Hair

To find the hair loss remedies that will be most effective for you, you should first know something about why people lose hair and the kind of hair loss you are experiencing. There are two basic reasons why people lose their hair. The first of these reasons has to do with genetics. When many men, and some women, start to lose their hair, it can be traced to an underlying genetic cause. This type of hair loss is often called male pattern balding, or in the case of women, female pattern balding. This loss of hair is in the genes and so is difficult to halt permanently, although it can be slowed and sometimes reversed with certain hair loss remedies.

The other way we lose hair is because of some kind of external or internal influence. This can be as a result of disease, such as cancer or other serious health risk, or can be the result of some kinds of lifestyle traits or a product of poor nutrition. The hair loss associated with these conditions can often respond very well to hair loss remedies. A thicker and fuller head of hair is quite possible when loss of hair is due to these influences.

Changes to Lifestyle as Hair Loss Remedies

If you begin to lose your hair, you should make an appointment to see your doctor to see if there is some non-genetic underlying cause for the hair loss. You should determine if there is some disease process at work or if your hair loss is the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Heavy smoking or drinking can lead to hair loss as can an absence of proper nutrition in your diet.

Thus, one of the most important hair loss remedies is staying healthy. To grow a head of thick and vigorous hair, you need to be healthy and you need to take care of yourself. Eat a diet full of vitamins and minerals. Cut back on unhealthy habits. And make sure you don’t have some underlying condition that is leading to hair loss. When you take care of these things, not only can you stop your hair from falling out, you can help it to regrow.

Purchasing Hair Loss Remedies

Of course, you can help with your hair loss, whether it is of a genetic or other origin, by taking care of your hair. Use a good conditioner on your hair to keep it from getting dry and brittle and to supply your hair and scalp with the nutrition it needs to grow healthy hair. Also, many people have found great success using hair growth promoting shampoos and hair growth products such as Rogaine. These products stimulate the scalp and the hair follicles so that your hair grows more vigorously. What’s more, because good nutrition is so important to hair growth, purchase and begin to take daily nutritional supplements. All of these things will slow down any hair loss you might be experience due to genetics or to other problems. These hair loss remedies will even result in renewed growth in many people.

Of course, there are also those options that fall into the category of hair loss procedures, such as hair transplants and the like. These procedures have given many men and women back their hair even after significant loss. Talk to your hair restoration specialist about these types of procedures.

What it comes down is making sure you are healthy and that your hair is healthy. This will not only improve your overall quality of life, it will improve your appearance as well. These hair loss remedies will do wonders for you and your lifestyle.


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