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Simple Steps Towards a Better Life

Updated on July 1, 2018

Life's fundamentals

Many of us want to implement changes that will enhance our life. Something inside of us desires more. I say humans need a sense of purpose. The feeling you get when you accomplish something. Something you worked hard for. It almost feels like it does something to us chemically.

There are times we get stuck and stop doing some of the fundamentals that, lead us where we want to be. Thoughts with practice triggers emotional charge. The fundamentals coupled with small steps forward are some of the things can often lead to a more improved life. Yet the small things are often overlooked and taken as less important.

Doing the small little things, making tiny adjustments are the things that improve our life. We must learn how to be consistent.

I include 7 habits that will help cement changes to and increase a better life. My focus is sleeping adequate amount of hours, gratitude, loving others and loving yourself, health, dedicated to self improvement, having faith and last but certainly not least having a sexual relationship.

#1 Sleeping. Sleeping an adequate amount of hours is crucial for normal and enhancing our performance. People often overlook the importance of sleep. Here is my breakdown of how important sleep is. Allowing yourself an adequate amount (7-9hrs) of sleep is critical for your body to operate at a high capacity. I call it recharging your battery. Sleeping is important for absorbing information, mental clarity (neurological performance). It is also important for muscular growth, hormonal function, fatigue, weight control. I can go on and on. So the next time your body is calling for sleep, get your sleep. Listen to it! You may be doing more damage by ignoring your sleep.

#2 is gratitude. You will be surprised how applying gratitude can really help improve your life. We all want more and more yet we don't and we don't help. Some are under immense circumstances. The act of gratitude by far brings more positive energy in this world. You attract more positive things to come into your life. Ask the universe and you shall receive. Give and you will get back.

#3 is loving yourself and loving others. Love yourself through all of your mistakes. We make a lot of love them. Self love is a quality that many of us do not have. Love your peers, your family. Love attracts amazing energy in your life. Love can help heal. That is power! The world needs more loving. We all need some healing in our lives. You will see how your life will change. Loving others and yourself allows for people to love you back.

#4, committing to your health. You only go as far as your body can go, so treat it well. We all can change some physiological aspects of our bodies such as body fat reduction, lowering our blood pressure, improving our mental and physical performance. Just by eating healthier and participating in exercise can make a huge difference in your life.

Making healthier choices will help live a better life. Being healthy fights depression, improves your mood and confidence and helps prevent diabetes. Hold yourself accountable for your life. If you know you need to lose weight then do it! Stop making excuses! Being healthy improves overall performance.

#5 is being positive in a negative world. Having more faith and worrying less through adversity is a skill we must develop. We are going to hear and see a lot of negative things in this world. Our brains record everything. We must build a communication system within ourselves that allows us to block negativity.

We all go through the challenges, in fact life wouldn't be the same with out them. But we can become stronger because of the challenges. Losing a loved one, going through an unexpected situation will lead to temporary set backs. But these set backs are necessary to build mental strength and our faith. Gives a chance learn. These set backs do not last forever if we don't allow them too.

Have faith that you will overcome your current situation. Have faith that you won't be defeated. Get strong! Everything will be ok. You need that mentality, those type of thoughts. One positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought! Seriously think about it. A positive thought can help your mood instantly. While it usually takes multiple negative situations to ruin your entire day. You must practice.

#6 work on improving yourself. If you know you have a bad attitude fix your attitude. If you tired of hurting your wife well stop hurting her. If you want a better job then go out and look. Focus on improving all aspects of your life. It is only a matter of time, in which you will get it. Strengthen your skills. If you have an area that needs improvement work on it.

You want to do better. Plan your attack by setting small simple goals. Small simple goals will eventually lead to bigger ones. We all want big but we forget what it takes to get us there.

#7 have sex. Sex helps improve oxygen and blood circulation. Want to lose weight? Sex helps burn a substantial amount of calories. Sex can help improve your mood. Sex helps release neurological chemicals which helps promote a healthier mindset. Be happy and have sex. Of course have sex with someone who brings value into your life. Not just anyone!

Sometimes we forget about the little things that help us. Even the most simples things are critical. These are some of life's fundamentals. Use them!


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