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Simple Steps Towards a Better Life!

Updated on April 3, 2018

Life's fundamentals

Most of us look for some type of change in their lives. From wanting to own a home, a new car and even wanting to lose weight. The list can go on. Often overlooking the fundamentals. The small things, but certainly not any less important. After all doing the little things, making the small adjustments, is what gets us to where we need to be. Like mom says "one step at a time son".

My seven steps include sleeping an adequate amount of hours, being grateful for what you have, loving others and loving yourself, being healthy, improving yourself, having faith and worrying less, and last but certainly not least having a sexual relationship. Some of you may not think this article is for you. Well, think again. Most of these examples illustrated can be applied to your life!

Montalvo's step #1 is sleeping. People often overlook the importance of sleep. Here is my breakdown of how important sleeping really is. Allowing yourself an adequate amount (7-9hrs) of sleep is critical for your body to function. Sleeping is important for absorbing information/ mental clarity (neurological) / muscular growth, hormonal function, fatigue, muscular imbalances, weight control, I can go on and on. So the next time your body is calling for sleep. Listen to it! You may be doing more damage than good. Get back to normality.

Step #2 is being grateful. We all want better but forget that they are people out in this world who have it a lot worst. Some people have lost it all. Be grateful and help others. You are attracting more positive things to come into your life. Ask and you shall receive. Give and you will get back.

Step #3 Loving yourself and loving others. Love the things you do, love yourself, love your family. Love attracts positive situations in your life, guaranteed. Develop patience and keep a positive and loving attitude. You will see how your life will change. Loving others and yourself allows you to have a support system. Having a support system is important. Appreciate your family, appreciate your friends, appreciate and love.

Step #4, being Healthy. We all can change some physiological aspects of our bodies like losing weight, lowering our blood pressure eating healthier. Making healthier choices helps improve the overall quality of your life. From helping fight depression, improving your mood and confidence, diabetes and much more. Hold yourself accountable for your life. If you know you need to lose weight then do it! Stop making excuses! Being healthy improves overall performance.

Step #5 is being positive, having more faith and worrying less. We all go through life's obstacles, no-one is any different. Losing a loved one, going through an unprecedented experience are all apart of life. Somethings are meant to destroy us, or hurt us and knock us off of our track. Guess what? They do not last forever. We are all humans, and all of us go through our mishaps, our mistakes. People will say hurtful things, your car will break down, you will be late with a payment. It is not the end of the world. Eventually, you will bounce back. Have faith that you will overcome. Have faith that you won't be defeated. Worry-less, everything will be ok. Get back to what you want and go get it. One positive thought is more powerful than negative ones! You are better than that!

Step #6, work on yourself. If you know you have a bad attitude fix your attitude. If you tired of hurting your wife well stop hurting her. If you want a better job then go out and look. It is only a matter of time, in which you will get it. Strengthen your skills. If you have an area that needs improvement well work on it.

Step #7, Goals. You want to do better. Plan your attack by setting small simple goals. Small simple goals will eventually lead to bigger ones. We all want big but we forget what it takes to get us there.

Step #8, have Sex. Sex helps improve oxygen and blood circulation. Want to lose weight? Sex helps burn a substantial amount of calories. Sex can help improve your mood (anxiety and depression); sex helps release endorphins which help promote a healthier mindset. Be happy and have sex.

Sometimes we forget about things that help us. Even the most simples things are critical. These are some of life's fundamentals. Use them at your disposal.


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