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Simple Tips on Free Hand Exercises

Updated on January 14, 2015

Exercise is mainly done to shape the body muscles and shed our weights. We do workouts to burn calorie and get in fit in our previous clothes. Free hand exercises are perfect for all age groups and it is also helpful for the beginners. It helps in strengthening muscles and enhances the inner potency of the body. It burns your extra calorie and it is not very time consuming. If you are a beginner, free hand exercises are best for you.

Benefits of free hand exercises:

  • After 20-30 minutes of free hand exercises your body starts to burn fats and stores for energy.
  • Strengthens your heart and helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • You can be slim and trim with string muscles.
  • You can increase metabolism in your body.


Exercise is a very important thing to keep you healthy and strong. But, at the beginning you should start slowly with less complicated exercises. Some of the common exercises are:

Push Ups

This is the most popular free hand exercise that helps reduce your belly fat quickly. Do at least 20-30 pushups each day and increase gradually.

Leg Lifts

To do this, lie down on your back and lift your leg straight up as far as possible. Then hold and bring your leg down slowly. This helps to build leg muscles.

Hand Planks

Take one hand followed by the other, and push yourself up to full plank position. This helps to increase strength and balance.

Half Squats

Stand upright and use a chair for support, lower your body from one half of the way and then slowly return to standing position. Do 20 at the start and then increase slowly.

Cat to Camel

It is a very gentle exercise that helps in stabilizing spine. This is a very good exercise to reduce belly fat.

Hip Opener

It is also very helpful yet simple free hand exercise. It has a variety of types with different benefits.

Ab Crunches

This helps tone the stomach and strengthen it. Keep your back straight and don’t move your neck while doing it.

Squat Bottom Stretch

This exercise is good for your knees and waist. It is a bit hard but very effective for your health.

Side Bends

Stand with feet apart and knees slightly bend and move your body at your left then again to your right slowly. This helps to get curves in your body.

Shoulder under Reach

This is a bit tough for beginners but is very helpful for stretching your shoulder muscles.

Try these simple and common exercises at home, Main Site Plus, and get your body in shaped within two to three months.


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