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Simple Tips to Buying Trendy Maternity Clothes

Updated on March 24, 2015

When you are going through a pregnancy, you need to be wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and full of warmth. Buying trendy maternity clothes can make you special during your pregnancy and postpartum needs. Here are some simple tips to help you pick the right kind of clothes.

Deciding the Size

Buying trendy maternity clothes for the right kind of size can be a tricky affair. Ideally, women are often recommended to buy maternity clothes that are of a similar size to their pre-pregnancy days. Now, some women maintain their body size all through the pregnancy even if their adding on the baby weight. Other women can move from size 8 to seize 10 or 11 over the course of pregnancy. So it would be more ideal to buy trendy maternity clothes while keeping all these factors in mind.

At the end of the day the clothes that you wear should fit you appropriately. It should neither be tight not too loose resembling baggy type of clothing. To get the right kind of fit, make routine purchases as the pregnancy progresses.

Quality of Fabric

This is an important area of consideration when it comes to buying trendy maternity clothes. The fabric should be soft, durable and comfortable to wear. You can go in for natural fabrics like modal, cotton or bamboo as these are ‘breathable’ and will help you feel at ease.

You can also buy lycra or spandex based costumes which will stretch and provide support to your body as it transforms.

Make it a point to not use wrinkle free clothes as they may contain formaldehyde which may cause skin irritation. Also limit your purchases of polyester based clothes that are known to pack in the heat while wearing the clothes outdoors.

Useful Essentials

While buying trendy maternity clothing, set aside a budget, which will help you narrow down on your list of choices. Avoid buying low quality clothes which can shrink and fade in quick time. It would be better to buy quality clothes as they not only last longer but are also comfortable to wear.

Some of the trendy maternity clothes you can include in your shopping list are maternity jeans, leggings, tank tops, dressy slacks, t-shirts, jackets, sweaters and camisoles. This way, you can go through your stage of pregnancy in absolute comfort.

Maternity Accessories

You need to match trendy maternity clothes with the right kind of maternity accessories to safeguard your health. For instance, pregnant women can use abdominal belts to provide adequate support to the lower abdomen. A lot of women also use belly wraps under the clothing to preserve moisture while using creams and oils. This will not only reduce the possibility of getting stretch marks but will also prevent your clothes from staining.

Women also need to be careful when it comes to picking lingerie. During pregnancy, it is normal for the breasts to grow in size and women aren’t sure on when to buy a maternity bra. By them as soon as you think they are necessary and most women buy dressier and t-shirt bras during pregnancy.


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