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Simple Ways To Lose Fat

Updated on May 24, 2011

Simple But Not Easy

The title of this post is kind of misleading I know. But here is the real deal. Losing weight, i.e. losing fat is simple. BUT, it is not easy. Let me repeat that. Losing fat is not easy.

I know you have probably heard all the hype about losing 10lbs in a day or losing 20lbs in a week or look like a body building in a month without working out.

Truth is, that stuff is a lie. Plain and simple. If you have read any of my other post, then you will know I don't skirt the truth. Here is the truth. Losing weight is simple but it takes work and commitment so it is not easy.

However, just because something is not easy, doesn't mean you can't master it in a short period of time. What you need is the correct knowledge. Not they hype. Not the gimmicks. Not the tricks.

Weight loss is not a mystery. We know how to do it. Let me break it down for you. You lose weight when you burn more calories than you take in. The problem is many people get taken in by the fads which don't actually help you cut back on the calories or help you increase the number of calories you burn daily.

I hate to tell you this but if you want to lose weight fast then you are going to have to do both of the above. You are going to have to cut back on your calories that you eat and drink and burn more calories via exercise. There is no other way other than surgery. And that is much harder than simply eating less or better and exercising a little more than you already do.

OK. So you want to know the "secrets" to fast weight loss? Do you really want to know how to transform your body and your life in the shortest amount of time? Then keep reading.

The Truth Not The Hype Behind Fast Weight Loss

I will keep this short and sweet so you can get out there and live beyond your computer screen. You obviously want to lose the extra pounds. Doesn't matter if its 5 pounds or 100 pounds or more. These tips will help anyone and everyone who is human.

First and foremost, cut back on the calories you eat daily. Some would have you believe its hard to do. Its not really.

You have probably heard you need to eat quality calories. What those are is simple. The more natural in form that you eat something the better the quality of the calories.

What I mean is you need to eat more veggies and fruits. You need to eat more real whole grains. You need to eat the good fats. And you need to hydrate with plain water.

Lets break each of those down. Eating veggies and fruits will do a few things for you. One you will get the nutrition your body needs, indeed, the nutrition it craves. But how do you eat them? Raw is best.

However, it may not be "tasty" to eat many veggies raw. In fact you may even HAVE to cook some veggies. So the next best way to get your veggies is to steam them. Simple and easy. The next best way is to boil them. Not as tasty in my opinion but its better than the last way. Fried.

Stay away from fried if you can. And stop eating processed foods such as potato chips, corn puffs (What is a corn puff anyway? Is it really food?) Think about it. How dumb is it to eat deep fried with batter cauliflower or deep fried green beans? You are not doing your body any good and you are killing the food so it wont deliver to your body all it has to offer.

Fruit is easy and simple. Just eat it raw. Not in ice cream. Not in pie. But right off the shelf raw. There is not a fruit that I am aware of that you cannot eat raw and that does not taste good in that state. Don't add sugar. Just eat it raw. It taste good and your body will love you for it.

The other big thing, I already mentioned, is to not fry anything especially veggies and fruit. Its not really all that hard to not fry stuff. If you don't know how to do that, buy a few good cook books that show you how to make dishes that are not fried to death. (Fried food really is dead food that is loaded with calories that keep you fat.)

Balance is also needed. You need to eat a balanced diet. Meat and whole bean protein is a must but keep the proportions small. No more supersizing anything.

Stop it with the sugary drinks and soda. Water is best. Don't like water? Try adding no or low calorie natural flavorings like lemon, lime or some berry that you like. No sugar added. Water serves a number of purposes such as hydrating you, keeping you feeling full longer, washing out waste and fat just to name a few.

MOVE! You have to exercise. Now don't tell me you don't like to do it. Its not an option. But, exercise doesn't have to mean going to a gym. You could just walk 20 to 40 minutes per day. How about playing your favorite sport 3 or 4 times per week. And no, golf and bowling does not count. Have you seen all the fat people on the lanes or on the greens?

If you move and get your heart rate up even just a little 3 or more times per week, you will do your body good. It will burn more calories while you work out AND while you are at rest. Get off the sofa and move. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

You need to build muscle. Understand this. Muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight loss is not really all about being healthy. You need to do some resistance training at least twice per week. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

You may find that you don't lose a lot of weight if you are not obese. But look at your waist line. It will probably shrink. Muscle takes up less space than fat even though it weighs more. So you may find that you don't lose weight but your size goes down. That is a good thing. If you are shrinking dress or pant sizes it means you are on the right track.

And The End Result Is?

Losing weight is simple and works for every single human on the planet.  No matter what anyone else tells you, getting healthier is the same for all of us.  But, as I said before, it is not easy.  It involves creating new habits.  It involves commitment on your part.

If you want to lose weight faster, then do two things.  East less calories and exercise more.  But remember you still have to fuel your body so there is only so many calories you can cut from your diet.  You cannot starve yourself.  It is very unhealthy for you to do so.  But reducing your calorie intake to 1500 calories for a woman and 2000 for a man is not bad.  Just make sure you burn more than you eat.

A side note, as you get healthier, you will find you will want to and can eat more without gaining fat.  That is because your metabolism increases and your body will need more good, healthy food to keep working at peak efficiency.  Don't ever starve yourself.  Your body will respond by actually packing on the fat to protect itself.  Its natural.

Losing fat is simple but not always easy.  But you can do it.  As always, get more good information on this subject but don't let anyone tell you that it is easy.  And avoid the hype and fads. 

You need to educate yourself on being more healthy.  And isn't that the whole reason why you want to lose the weight and fat?  You want to be healthier.  That's a very good thing.

One Last Thing

Now that you know that losing extra weight is simple, but not easy you can find out more about this "secret".  Below are links to some sites which I believe to be of great benefit.  You can learn a lot and even though they may use the word 'easy' they will let you know that its not so easy but it is simple.  Check them out and read all you can about what they say and claim.

Also, if you like (or hate) this post, why not let me and others know by saying something in the comments.  And if you like (or even hate) this page, you might find my other post equally helpful (or infuriating) so check them out.  And why not follow me so you can get first notice of when I post something new, interesting and informative.  Thanks for reading and commenting.


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