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Stress Relief for Bile Reflux Sufferers - Maybe My Stomach Likes Me Today...Maybe Not

Updated on November 18, 2010

We all face things each day that can create some affect of stress. Stress for a Bile Reflux Disease patient, is our enemy. It can cause health problems such as extreme nausea, migraines, aches and pains, and depression, to name a few symptoms. Bile Reflux Disease is not a mental condition. However, stress aggravates and sometimes creates new problems for a Bile Reflux Disease sufferer.

For example, let's say you are going through an episode. It's bad enough you have to deal with all the medications, the nausea, pain, and weight loss. Each flare up, might present different symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea. In this scenario, you start feeling the medicines aren't helping, so you tell your doctor, and he/she looks at you like you are crazy. Congratulations, you suddenly have added more stress, and anxiety. This is because you suddenly feel alone, and lose faith in your doctor, and start feeling crazy yourself.

There are many suggestions a person can consider to learn how to deal with stress. You can look these things up on the Internet, read books, obtain a really great therapist, or go to your doctor and have him start a regiment of medications to relieve the symptoms you might be experiencing. However, you should educate yourself on any form of treatment you might be considering. The overall result should be that you are helping yourself feel better, and not aggravate your Bile Reflux Disease with added worries. One has enough to deal with when they are experiencing a flare up.

Here are some inexpensive suggestions that might help:

1. Bubble Baths: There is a reason shopping aisles are saturated with scents that smell so good you could eat them. Bath salts are soothing, and body washes leave you clean and smelling extremely yummy. Smell is very powerful to us. When we surround ourselves with scents that are pleasing to us, things seem a little more pleasant and comforting. This is also true with body lotions, body butters, and the large assortment of after bath products. For a small amount of invested money, you can indulge your senses. Close the bathroom door, strike up a hot bath and relax. Soothing music is helpful as well.

2. Coffee or a hot cup of flavored tea: There is something very peaceful about sitting on the patio in the morning drinking a warm cup of java or tea. You can hear things starting to bustle around town, but your patio is quiet and peaceful. Coffee and tea has caffeine, therefore, moderation is best, especially for a person with Bile Reflux Disease. The entire point of it is to pamper yourself for a few minutes while you listen to how quiet and peaceful things are in the morning. Drink, take lots of deep breathes and think about what things/people you are grateful for. Do not drink strong coffee or tea, since this will irritate your stomach. I have found if it's weak, but flavorful, then I am not giving up that coffee I want, but am respecting my stomach not to over power it either.

3. Make a room for yourself: Surround yourself with your favorite things. This does not mean you need to create an entire room remodel. In most cases you already have the things you need in your home. Take that spare room and create a peaceful area you like going into away from the rest of the house. For example: I placed a futon in the room, unpacked all my books, decided not to throw out an old stereo I had, and put pictures up of my children and their drawings. I love going into that room now. It screams friendly to me and sometimes we need that: a place to go when we need to center our thoughts. When you feel completely anxious, go to this room, then do something you love doing. Take up painting, drawing, sewing, writing, reading, or whatever you like doing. DO NOT do anything in this room that requires decision solving, or planning that involves things in your world outside this room. If your room is a place to take short naps, then nap. It should be a place to retreat and gather yourself and do things you and only you love doing. The worst thing about Bile Reflux Disease is feeling alone and that we are going crazy. This is NOT a mental condition, and doing things we love helps us keep grounded with ourselves.

4. Massage: Unless you have a wonderful partner who will give you a massage on a repeated basis, I suggest getting a portable tub spa or going out on occasion and getting a massage done. Anything that works the "kinks" out is beneficial to have. Some solutions can be costly, however do not overindulge with the paid massage unless you have the cash to spend. Tub spas can be easily picked up at Walmart or similar type store at a fairly reasonable cost.

5. Buy flowers to place somewhere in your home. Go to the supermarket and grab a bouquet of fresh flowers. With all the different flower assortments and colors, something is bound to look pleasing. Put them in a nice vase when you get home and place them somewhere where you can look and enjoy them. There is truth in the old saying "Take time to stop and smell the roses."

6. Light a fragrant candle. This is self explanatory.

7. Call a dear friend and have a nice chat with them. Do not talk about the illness. Instead talk about fun things like something funny your partner, children or perhaps a pet did. Sometimes, I even tell them something silly I did. Then we both get to laughing at the silliness. Talk about something you love. Do not talk about anything negative. This is very simple to do, believe it or not. I was getting so stressed at one point, I set it up with my sister and with my partner that at times I might have to tell them "I am miserable, let's talk fun." They know by that sentence they are being my support at that moment. I love them enough to ask them to help me de-stress. They love me enough to proudly obey the "fun talk".

The entire point of de-stressing is to slow yourself down, take time to breathe and start appreciating the things around you. Reflect about things that make you a unique individual; your likes and interests. Somewhere in this busy world we tend to loose ourselves on a daily basis. We tend to forget what makes us happy and just conform to the beating the day will give us. We should start enjoying our likes instead of shoving them in the closet somewhere until we have time for them. The nicest and most rewarding therapy....give someone you love a hug.

 If you have some ways to add or share, please visit  I'd love to see your ideas. 

Hug Someone You's very Theraputic
Hug Someone You's very Theraputic
Love comes in all forms
Love comes in all forms


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    • profile image

      reflux 6 years ago from USA

      Stress is the main cause for many diseases it should be cure, this hub have good information how to De-stress. Thanks for sharing.

    • dragonlady1967 profile image

      dragonlady1967 7 years ago

      Your welcome :-)

    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you dragonlady, for a very useful and wesome hub, I will take everything into consideration, thank you for sharing it. Godspeed. creativeone59

    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 8 years ago from Delaware

      You listed all my favorites as well. Thanks for the practical and easy to apply suggestions.