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Simple Ways to Get Rid of Water in Ear

Updated on December 11, 2016

How to get rid of water in ears

Water in ears
Water in ears

How to get rid of water in ears

There are so many ways water gets into your ear sometimes. It could be as a result of swimming or bathing .When this happens your inner ear begins to be heavy and followed with some uncomfortable sounds in your ear tubes. If water in ear is not treated, it can lead to complications like; reducing hearing ability, pains in the ear, inflammation of the ear drum and sometimes cyst could form in the ear. However, though its quiet uncomfortable, you can get rid of water in ear without having any ear problem. Below are some of the simple ways to get rid of water in ear:

Clean your ear with towel

To get rid of water in ear, wipe it with a soft towel or cloth. Using a hard towel or cloth can make you feel uncomfortable. When cleaning the water, bend your ears sideways towards the towel to allow easy flow of water out of your ear .This is better than pushing the towel into your ear. When you push the towel inside your ear, it’s likely the water will move deeper into your ear and making it very difficult for you to get rid of it.

Take advantage of gravity

Another way of getting rid of water in your ear is tilting on your foot. It helps water to come out easily from your ear. Another option is lying down for some few minutes with the affected ear facing your pillow. This enables water to flow out of your ear faster.

Use vacuum

This is done by positioning your affected ear towards your palm and pushing your ear up and down with the help of your finger. While doing that your head must be bent to enable the water come out. If your head is straight whiles applying this process, the water won’t come out but rather move deeper into your ears.

Use blow drier

You can get rid of water in ear by using a blow drier. In order to get rid of water in ear using a blow drier, put the drier on the lowest heat or if possible it should be cool. Send the drier close to your ears thus between 10 to 12 inches away from your ear and blow dry it for some few minutes. Water will begin to drop out of your ear. Although it’s also good, it is not effective for some people. So if your try it and it does not work, you can try a different method. Also make sure that the drier does not over heat to prevent skin burns.

Apply alcohol and vinegar

You can use a mixture of vinegar and alcohol to help drain water from your affected ears. Just mix little drops of vinegar with a few drops of alcohol together and drop the mixture little by little into your ears to drain the water in it. This mixture is also very effective in preventing infections in your ear.


Yawning sometimes helps in removing water from your ears. When you yawn it pops the bubbles of water in your ear and makes your Eustachian tubes which are a part of your inner ear free.


Another way to get rid of water in ear can be done by simply chewing. When water enters your ear, it goes straight into your Eustachian tubes. So when you chew, it helps you get rid of the water in your ear.

Perform valsalva manoeuvre

When this process is used correctly, water gets out of your ears quickly. It is a way of opening the Eustachian tubes in your ears to pave way for water to flow out. This is done by holding your breath with the help of your hands covering your nose and closing your mouth very tight to prevent air from coming out of it and taking in a very deep breath. Though it’s quiet uncomfortable but when it’s done properly, water will flow out of the inner part of your ear.

Use steam

This is also a quick way to get rid of water from your ear. You can do this by pouring steaming water in a large bowl and inhaling the steam slowly. After inhaling the steam for a short period, you can tilt your head to one side to allow water flow out of your ear.

Use olive oil

This is done by warming some amount of olive oil and pouring some few drops into your ears. After some time, clean the water in your ear gently with an ear bud. This is also a very effective way of removing water from your ears. The olive oil has an antiseptic property that protects the ear from infections.

The above mentioned methods are some of the simplest ways to get rid of water in ear. However, if you know of any other effective and simple method for getting rid of water in ear, you should not hesitate sharing it with us.

Water in ear

Getting rid of water in ear
Getting rid of water in ear


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