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Simple Ways to tackle anger

Updated on June 7, 2011

This is my first hub after a years long break from writing. after thinking enough about an ideal topic to write on, I decided to write about one of the most general issue "Anger" which many of us find difficult to control in opposite circumstances and end up hurting someone or damaging our own image. Let us begin by discussing what Anger is all about.

What exactly is Anger ?

Anger is a natural stimuli to a situation which is against your perception or wants. It mainly comes out of ego and personal judgments. When someone is angry he generally loses his ability to rationalize. If anger is not controlled at the right time then it can lead to many physical and emotional imbalances. he may end up hurting his relatives or destruct his own professional life and career.

So how to deal with Anger ?

First of all we need to learn that anger is a natural thing. Anyone can get angry either frequently as in most cases or at least sometime or the other during their life. It just comes over involuntarily when any of our norms or perceptions are violated. Problems start when we could not control the stimulus caused by anger and get carried away.

I have listed a few simple steps or you can say some easy guidelines which You can follow to tackle your anger much effectively and You can channel Your energy for a constructive purpose instead.

When You are angry Try doing the following

1. say nothing.

2. Be indifferent to those who seek to make You angry.

3. Use reasons to stop anger.

4. Try to Look kindly upon the person at whom You are furious.

5. Focus on Something Completely Different.

6. Breathe Deeply.

7. Smile

I am sure by following the above simple guidelines you can easily overcome Anger and stay calm and composed even during unfavorable situations.

Do give Your valuable feedback by way of comments.


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    • cathylynn99 profile image

      cathylynn99 6 years ago from northeastern US

      you can also write an angry letter to someone and tear it up or burn it rather than sending it. you can get in your car where no one can hear you and scream. you can pound on a pillow or squeeze a stress ball. or my favorite: go for a walk.

      if after the walk, you still feel the situation requires action, you can then reason through a calm, fair, assertive response and get your needs met without hurting the other person.